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Hi everyone, I’m Jess and I’m 20 years old. Recently got diagnosed Nov last year and it’s really affecting me very badly, especially my mental health. I’m wondering if there’s any other people my age that would be interesting in talking to me? I feel so incredibly alone in all this and the only person I know in real life with MS is my dad and he is unable to support me emotionally. Please help me :cry:


I"m sorry, Jess. I’m nearly 3 times your age, but we’re a friendly, caring bunch on here, and we have tons of people willing to talk to you. Not quite what you’re looking for I know, but we’re here to provide long-distance hugs and whatever we can do for you.

A year isn’t necessarily a long time to adapt, particularly if you’ve seen how MS has affected your father. Please keep in mind that they’ve come out with some wonderful drugs and treatments that weren’t available to him, so it’s highly doubtful that your MS will follow his pattern.

Just keep talking to us. We’ll help you as best we can.


Hi you will always find support and information on this site but there seems to be a much younger membership on They also offer The Buddy Network.

Give them a try!

Sue x


Hi @Sue84

I looked up that site and it seems very helpful actually. Thank you for making me aware of it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @NorasMom

Thank you so much for replying to me. Although I’ve been specifically looking for people my age with MS to talk to, I am
open to everyone really as I could do with some calming down from people who’ve had this diagnosis for longer than I have. Would it be okay if I messaged you directly?

Absolutely! I’m online dozens of times of day and have all the time in the world to chat with anyone! Ask anything you want or just rant to me. I have broad shoulders.

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I am a dinosaur but also recommend


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Nice one NM bridge that generation gap and share the fun and wisdom available.

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Hi Jess. I’m Michael, 27 years old. I like making online friends so I think it would be a very very very good idea to have a friend like you. We both have MS so I think we will understand each other. There could be common hobbies too XD If you’re interested just let me know by replying here, I’m excited to give it a try.

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Hi @Michael_George, I tried messaging you directly but I’m not actually sure if it’s worked. It seems to have disappeared?

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Hi @tleaf I found your message and I replied privately so don’t worry. It didn’t disappear :joy: :joy: If you can’t find it, please reply here again and I’ll have to share my profile here publicly hahahah

Hi Jess, firstly, I’m sorry you’ve had diagnosis. I’m 60 at Christmas, but I was in my early 20s when diagnosed. It really was a difficult time as I’d been fit and quite physical. You don’t say, but I’m assuming it’s RRMS. Mine started that way and it was a long time before I started needing serious help (in my 50s). You must take time to get your head round the impact this diagnosis. It won’t be easy and will take time. I’m sure you’ll come across people in your age group that’ll do their best to reassure you. There any plenty of emotions to go through, but try and stay positive and look forward. It’ll work out. Don’t rush or push yourself and BE KIND TO YOURSELF❤️

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Hi @Wazzy, I appreciate your comment. Is it okay if I message you?

That’s absolutely fine :heart:

I just thought; you’ll need my details if you want to message me away from this site. Can we do this? Let’s try!
Facebook/Messenger Carol Wazzy Davey
WhatsApp 07825 292190

Hey Michael, I’ve been exchanging texts with Jess, aka tleaf. I haven’t heard anything since Wednesday and I’m feeling concerned. I notice you may’ve had some connection and I wonder, have you heard from her?
Wazzy x

Hi Jess,
I’ve recently been diagnosed and I’m 22! I’d be really open to having a chat as like you, my dad has MS too!

Take care,