Hello here

Hello! I am Alice, I am 23 y.o. Several weeks ago I was diagnosed RR MS. I joined this community to find and share support because I know that this is really important.
All the best!

:wave: and this is definitely the place to share thoughts, feelings and journeys. We may not have all the answers but if nothing else good at listening.

Look forward to reading your next post.

Hi, I am 22 y/o and was only diagnosed last year with RRMS. We are close in age and probably going through similar things. If you ever want to chat feel free to reach out to me. :smiling_face:

Welcome :slight_smile:
New here as well but further along with my diagnosis.

It’s a good place for questions and answers, even if it’s just emotional
Support ones.

Reach out if you need :blush:

Thank you all for the warm welcoming :grinning: