need help with bowels...had enough now what hekps you pleasr

Hi i need help with bowels what do you use? I need to go daily always have at mo on 120ml lactulose which is ridiculous…prune juice and microlax…peristeen didnt help i retained the water …just wondering what others usr to empty bowels…at mo i go a bit but the rest is stuck although not hatd…been impacted though many times…dr useless…thanks x

Hi I have a fybogel drink everyday…really keeps me regular and easy.

What helps me is a product called ‘Oxypowder’. It’s perfectly natural and safe and you can get it on amazon. It will soften your stools and cleanse your colon as well. You may need to start off taking 5/6 capsules every night to get a good clear out. Google it for more info. Best of luck.

Not heard of Oxypowder. Worth bearing in mind. I eat mainly a diet of fruit and veg, and I have the opposite problem now - I poo several times a day! However, things happen quite quickly sometimes when I get the urge. II read somewhere that your poo is supposed to just slide out easily without any straining. All very well if you can get to a loo quickly.

Lots of water and fibrogel and some dried apricots

I am right behind second Anon whoever they are.The Oxy Powder is excellent,I’ve seen bits of Holly and Tinsel that’s been missing for months.It’s a bit pricey but well worth it.If you can’t afford the stuff PM me and we’ll sort something out.


I use Movicol when needed. I have the added problem of IBS which gives me constipation too.