Bowels sorry not for the squeamish!

Last week I had gastro enteritis. I’m sure I don’t need explain further. Now I’m constipated. How long before my bowels get back to normal?

Have you tried fybogel? It’s meant to bulk it up if your bowels are loose and speed things up if you’re constipated. Just regulate things in general. Might be worth a try. xx

I eat split linseeds, a tablespoon mixed into each meal. You have to drink a glass of water when you have them. They are a nice ‘natural’ cure for constipation. You could start on one tablespoon a day and take more if they don’t work, or stop taking them if you get back to normal. It seems quite common for constipation to follow when you’ve had the opposite but I don’t know why.

I use movicol and micro enema’ s got my bowel movements sorted. Saying that missed movicol for two days and tonight no go if you know what I mean. It’s a fine balance between feast and famine

I got recommended linseeds too and they worked a treat, beats yet another med. x

Hoppity Is it harmful to use the micro enema frequently? I use Laxido, but have to use micolet micro enema once a week. Don’t want to get a lazy bowel !

A generous sprinkling of golden linseeds on my cereal every morning does the job (literally!) for me!

Iv tried all sorts, think great when I have a good one, two days in a row, think iv cracked it then nothing but feeling like I might need to go, and the speed I’m moving at the moment, don’t like to be to far from a loo, then all I get is what I would discribe as maltessers, never thought I would need to know what it looked like a few years ago, but now they expect us to know all these things, by the way not manny people on this forum would find this squeamish anymore. Lol

Liquorice tea I have found good for constipation and also liquorice root is apparently good for constipation has a laxative effect. But its important not to have it for too long as too much can cause problems. Do a websearch about it may be if interested.

I use one daily but then my bowels are shot and have been for years I used to be constipated for over a week. now to go daily or most days is great . Donsmily face when going upset when constipated