Constipation and laxativesm

i’ve been diagnosed ten years, but suffered constipation for as long as I can remember. Anyway , for the past few years it has been under control by taking two sachets of Laxido (like Movicol) every morning. However, for a few weeks I’vs had to use Micolette mini enemas, a sort of suppository, at least once week to ‘get going’.

Will using Micolette so often cause a problem?

John H


I don’t have this specific problem (yet!) - I have more trouble passing water.

However, what does it say on the product instructions about how frequently it is safe to use it? Surely, if there were any adverse consequences associated with frequent use, there would be a legal requirement to state this?

I’m sure some people with MS use an enema-type system (not a suppository) daily or every other day for this problem.

I’m guessing that in a healthy person, such practises might encourage your bowel to be lazy, but if your bowel muscle already isn’t working anyway, what more can it do?

Have you considered seeing a continence nurse for advice about how to properly and safely manage the problem, rather than using “off-the-shelf” remedies, whose long-term effects you are unsure of? The nurse might be able to reassure you that, if it works for you, what you’re doing at the moment is completely safe. However, if it isn’t, she should be able to recommend something else.


Hi John, have you tried Peristeen, anal irrigation? If you google the word you’ll find all the info on the product, it’s very easy to use. My MS nurse first suggested it when I was having problems, so maybe check with your nurse or GP? I had no adverse effects when I used to use the mini enemas regularly but eventually changed to Peristeen for a more complete ‘job’…excuse the pun!

Good luck!

Rosina x

Thanks for the advice. I may have solved my problem by taking half a Laxido sachet powder after each meal. Early days, but seems to be helping !