Need help from the ladies

Hi All, I am really struggling with my periods - started on Pill not combined totry and assist with my periods as they had become so heavy i’m now in my third month, and now going towards a 14 day period. I was always fairly regular previously. I am just wondering whether I need to go and get this bleeding checked or is this the unpredictability of the MS. I have had a UTI since end of July and i am struggling i constantly in drs and beginning to feel like I am becoming over sensitive to stuff but since dx i have only had about 3 months when there hasn’t been an infection. Can anyone offer some suggestions please. Barney

hiya barney

have u checked drug interactions? i have been on tysabri just over a year and this has affected my periods. i have mirena but get increased bleeding not just monthly but any cut! i have been checked for any other possible reason but they are blaming tysabri…


MS has had no effect on my periods and so far I have escaped the UTIs. How long did your doctor say to give it before you would know if going on the pill worked? If s/he didn’t say, or said 3 months, I’d recommend going back and having a chat about what may be causing this and what your options are.

Good luck.

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Thanks. I am on copaxone. I only went last week to see nurse last week i think I put curse on it as said reduced but still not great. So she said give it another 3 months then we will re-evaluate. Think I might need to make another appointment. Ellie i feel for you. Barney

hi barney

periods are a distant memory

but you really need to get these UTIs sorted.

refer yourself to a bowel and bladder clinic (or ask your gp to refer you)

maybe a low dose of trimethoprim for a couple of months will sort it.

the nurse helped me to understand what was happening and taught me to self catheterise.

good luck

carole x

Thanks all. Thought it might have stopped this morning think I was hopeful still going strong. I have been going to bladder and bowel clinc until about 2 months ago but not fully discharged. Been getting my head around the self catheterise have been extra cautious and making sure all is clean. I am lying in bed feeling really down i am starting to feel really rough. I looked into the cranberry capsules however they are not compatible with one of my tablets which is a bummer but hey ho. These things are set to try us but I wish these bacteria would stop playing hide and seek from the drugs.

Morning Barney Owl (love your name)

unfortunately having MS doesn’t exclude us from other complications, I had a hysterectomy last year at age 37. Get everything checked and don’t chalk everything up to MS sweetie. Please take it from one who has been there.

Polly xxx

I would push for a referral to gynaecology. Heavy bleeding like yours shouldn’t be left to go on. It won’t be helping with MS fatigue as you will end up anaemic.

I had a problem about 8 years ago where I was only getting a 2 week gap between periods which eventually ended up as a few days each month with no bleeding. GP tried me on the pill, it made no difference. I tried a couple of different ones over 8 months and had internal examinations etc. Then he put me on iron tablets as he said I was in danger of becoming anaemic. They made it worse as periods became heavier and the heavier my period, the worse my migraine! Eventually saw a different GP at the practice who asked why they were leaving me to suffer and immediately referred me to gynaecology at local hospital. Saw them 6 weeks later and they found a little polyp on my cervic, whipped it straight off (with no warning - that made my eyes water!), and problem solved.

Good luck, hope you get sorted soon. Keep badgering them until you get somewhere. I can’t remember the proper phrase but it’s something like ‘only the squeaking cog gets oiled’. I’m sure someone can tell us what the proper saying is …

Tracey xx

PS It’s still really ruddy frustrating typing replies when half the letters are missed and I’m getting really annoyed with it now, grrrr!!! It takes twice as long to reply as it should do but I don’t want to stop connecting with other MSers … I just want the forum to work properly.

Hi Barney

I know how miserable it is when you have heavy periods.

I was flooding for about 6 months and after a lot of tests it turns out that this was caused by the menopause and I was prescribed Tranexamic Acid which slowed the bleeding right down.

Following the flooding my periods stopped and I haven’t bled for almost 2 years now.

I would definitely go back to your GP.

Hope you get help soon.

Shazzie xx

Having listened to all you i will get myself an appointment. I find this forum so helpful and supportive. It is being able yo talk to you has kept me going. Tracey i understand your pain i had that about 8 years ago, after getting out of chair if you can call it that i hit the floor. I have been on iron tablets but stopped them about a month ago as my levels were ok they were trying to help with the fatigue. Hugs everyone