Sorry guys, girls only!

Hey All,

I have absolutely had it with periods!!!

In the younger years, pre-kids,i used to have a 5 week cycle…so 4 week gap between periods and a 5 day bleed! Now i have a 10 day bleed and only 14 period free days before it all starts again, i am also sometimes early and only get 10 days period free. It is absolutely killing me!!!

I have the coil fitted and i know this makes period heavy but not this heavy! I regularily leak and even find tampax dont hold it in!! Sorry for being gross!!

I have tried all types of contraceptive pills over the years and none of them help as i bled for 3 months straight whilst on them so it actually made it worse. I also was put on some tablets to stop my periods once but they ended up giving me asthma attacks,so had to come off those also.

I am at my wits end and very frustrated also, hubby is also feeling my stress and it not pleasing him too much either if you know what i mean!!!

Please ladies…any help or ideas are greatly appreciated. Was thinking about mini pill? Leaving coil in still as def dont want anymore babies!! So above all it has to absolutely avoid pregnancy at all costs!!!

Please, please, please,any help ???

Lea xx

Unfortunately I’m having exactly the same Lea. I recently had a transvaginal scan and they discovered I had numerous tiny fibroids. I am seeing the consultant on Monday to see what treatment to expect! The big downside is that I have recently had 2 UTIs which coincides with an increase in this problem - the continence nurse agrees that the constant use of sanitary protection may be why this is happening. Sorry I can’t help but I wanted to say I know exactly how you feel as I’m going through it too! Teresa xx

I was the same as you, was tested for various ailments… Seems I had endometriosis, had a course of prostap injections and all was well afterwards. Hope you get sorted ASAP I know how horrid this can be. Lynn x

Pop along to your GP. Two tablets you can take - only need to take during period. Mefanamic Acid and tranexamic Acid. There is minor procedures you can have as well that may help.

I had similar problems years ago couldn’t get to the end of the road without flooding. Ended up with sub-total hysterectomy. Ovaries left so did not need HRT. Drastic action but worked for me and I saved a fortune. The surgeon was amusing and said he was only taking the pram away not the play pen!

hi lea

you havent said your age but wanted to say that my periods stopped when i was 40.

dloctors couldnt give me a reason but i suspect it was a procedure i had to remove precancerous cells.

at 45 i started having menopause symptoms but again docs told me it wasnt.

now they can tell from a blood test.

weird cos i didnt start my periods early but they ended quickly.

i don’t know whether this helps but if you’re 40+ ask gp to test you.

carole x

Hello Lea. I feel for you. I used to have heavy periods, my daughter does bless her…my mum was the same. There is medication to lessen the flow, so speak to your gp. The last resort is surgery but thats between you and your gp…its not my place to comment on these matters. All the best to you. Noreen

Hi Lea

I was very similar some years ago, and ended up haveing a hysterectomy after trying just about every pill, potion, coil, and procedure offered. I was only 35, but knew there wouldn’t be anymore kids, so although it was a big decision, it was probably one of the best I ever made. In thise days it was a big operation, I had a lot of problems, and it was a long and arduous recovery, especially with two pre-school kids and an abscent husband! My sister has recently undergone the same, but vaginally, and her recovery has been astonishingly quick, out of hospital a day later, and back to virtually normal in a couple of weeks. She has MS too.

I’m not suggesting this is the best course of action for you, or anyone else, but just saying its not as grim as its made out to be.

Take care


Hi Lea

I suffered exactly the same as you for 5 years before my periods stopped.

I was prescribed TRANEXAMIC ACID to slow the blood flow down to about a quarter. It was a life saver. I couldn’t even get to the doctors without flooding. Horendous!!

You can now buy this over the counter at Boots. It is called something beginning with Cy but can’t remember the actual name. I know that Boots are the only other company, apart from GPs who are able to offer them.

Good luck sweets.

Shazzie xx

Friends of mine swear by the Mirena coil for dealing with similar problems. Like a coil but with attitude, they tell me!


Sorry Alison.

Didn’t work for me. I had it fitted and nothing changed. I know they work for a lot of my friends and I was really disappointed. I always kept a sachet of Tranexamic Acid in my handbag. You only take them every 8 hours so they give you a long rest from the flooding. I was also very anaemic when this happened to me which is another reason why it has to be sorted when it happens.

Shazzie xx

Hi Girlies,

Thanks for all your comments…I am 40 in a few months, so it maybe that time of my life.

I have also tried marina coil and it was horrendous, bleed all the time! Tried every pill, contraception and tablets to stop them but they have all caused problems.!!

I have appt to see my nurse today and have decided to ask her to refer me to have the op!! Its about time and nearly 3 years of bleeding every 10 days has put me at my wits end. Looking forward to getting rid of everything now! We def dont want any more kids (i have 4) so its not an issue!

I will ask her if there is anything else to help me out until i can get the op, just to keep me sane in the mean time! Thank yuo all for your advise and commetns! You are are so brilliant!

Oh by the way, my copaxone injections are going really well, do have a few lumps and bruises but nothing that bothers me or that i cant handle! I am very happy that i am doing something pro-active to kick its A** and now i just need to sort my periods out and i will be a very happy person!

Love you all loads! Thanks for your input! xxx

Hi, although 40 is young for menopause, it does happen hun.

Youve put up with enough rubbish, so having the op...............and I think you mean a hysterectomy, yeh?....the its probably for the best.

I had one when I was 31…30 years ago!

Hope they``ll do it for you.

luv Pollx

Hi Lea

Please speak to a doctor, I used to have that injection every three months and that completely stops your periods so there’s got to be things they can do!

Good luck

Sonia x

Hi There, i can’t really advise you yet, as i am seeing gynaecologist on tuesday to sort out mine. I just wanted you to know i feel your pain. I have been on my period constantly for year and a half now! I had a scan that showed that my womb lining is 5x thicker thn it should be, but they can’t find a reason why. Hope they can sort it out. Best wishes, Bex xxx

Hi Lea, when I hit 40 the same things happened to me, just because of my age doc says he thought I was peri menapausal. This went on for several years with very heavy bleeding, not being able to leave the house, having to get up during night to change bedding and go for shower, just standing up sometimes and I would flood. A year ago doc finally sent me for scan and I had fibroids, went in for day surgery to get them removed and I have to say for the last year they have been a whole lot better, no more flooding, no more getting up at night to change bed and able to leave house without someone walking behind me and having a change of clothes in bag. Hope you get it sorted soon. Being a woman just sucks sometimes. Lx


Have you tried the Depo Provera injections? I’ve gone back on that after taking a break from it due to having random bleeding after being on it for a few years (with no periods). I had the Mirena Coil fitted for about 18 months but it really didn’t suit me so I’ve not gone back on the Depo and haven’t had any bleeding since (2 injections in so about 3 1/2 months).

If you have tried that and everything else, ask you GP to refer you so try and get sorted out properly.



When I went for copaxone check with the MS nurse, she asked if my periods had got heavier, mine fortunately haven’t but she did say copaxone can have that effect. Just a thought. Hope you find a solution soon Barney

A friend had a partial hysterectomy at 42 due to a similar problem. She had 3 kids and knew she didn’t want more. They left tubes and ovaries to avoid hormone problems. I can honestly say it gave her a new lease of life. Her energy levels improved, she lost weight and looked 10 years younger. Only 1 example but I bet there are loads more for whom no more periods / bleeding problems would be a real benefit. I’d have it done if I was 100% sure about no more kids. Have 2 and similar period problem but only 98% about no more babies…! xx

Hi lea, im in my early 40’s. Heavy bleeding for 3 years I was loath to to have hysterectomy but gave in and had sub total hysterectomy in January. It was the best thing I ever did. Good luck in whatever you choose. X