Any way to stop monthly periods?

Just that really. I am 41 and fed up of having them, and apparently they can make symptoms worse - I know I get night sweats just before. I can’t cope with the trips upstairs to my bathroom when I struggle with stairs. I think my doctor would say I am too old for the pill now (don’t need it for contraception as husband is neutered ) so I would like to know if any other options are available?

Has anyone used anything to stop their periods semi-permanently?


The mirena coil stops them in most cases, it may take a few months though. They can stop in for five years too and are 99% effective birth control. they tend to be given if you’ve had children due to fitting. Ive had two now and find them fine. I dont miss my periods. after 10 years have never fallen preggers either (only when took it out). The first one stopped periods in a month the second after 4 but the first 3 were very light.

do some research then see gp or family planning. my gp doesnt fit them. you’ll need testing for infection first so it takes a few trips but well worth it. no drugs to remember and forget about it once in yay.

hope this helps

kel x

Why are you too old for the pill? I’m on it at 47, and only started when I was older than you, after I was diagnosed aged 44! I don’t need it for contraception either (not in a relationship), but was fed up with everything getting worse every month. I’d been putting up with it for years, unaware I had MS, and that they were aggravating it. I haven’t used it to stop my periods completely, but they are a “fake” (cosmetic) period really, when you’re on the pill. They are much shorter and lighter, and I don’t feel so dreadful. It’s had the added advantage of regulating the frequency. As I approach the menopause, they were getting closer and closer. Down to just three weeks, which meant I was feeling rough nearly half the time. Because of my age, I’m only on the mini-pill, which is a low dose. It took me a couple of goes to find the right one, because my body sometimes overrode the first one, and I had a full normal cycle (Good job I wasn’t relying on it for contraception - I’m sure I’d have got caught!) I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to stay on it, because my blood pressure was a bit borderline last time, and they’re monitoring me every three months now. But I hope I’ll get the all clear to stay on, as they’ve made a big improvement to quality of life. Tina

I have my second mirena coil in as well - not as effective as the first for stopping periods, unfortunately. One of my friends has microwave ablation to stop her (very heavy) periods. This sounds bad (they stick a little microwaving thing up you and this kills the womb lining). But my friend said it didn’t hurt (I think she had a local anaesthetic but could have been a general) and worked a treat. Worth asking your GP about.

Hi, I was in the States when I first had menopause symptoms… was only 42… was offered HRT and offered the choice of periods or no periods. I went for the NO periods thank you very much!

I don’t think the NHS offers such choices unfortunately.

I watched a documentary on the pill once that said when they first developed the pill it was so it would stop a woman’s periods. Apparently nothing wrong with that, and when you stop taking it periods start again and you are fertile.

However after some test trials they decided to make it so that you did have periods otherwise women would find it ‘unnatural’.

Needless to say it was a team of male doctors who came up with that.

Worth having a chat with your GP. Ask if it would be possible to go on an HRT or contraceptive pill that stops your periods. Explain why of course. You never know your luck.

Good luck with it,

Pat x


I found cerazette mini pill really good, stopped my periods for nearly 10 years. They are edgying their way back now, but are very light and brief and a lot easier to live with

Good luck

In response to Pat:

Yep, there’s no biological reason you need to bleed every month on the pill - the reasoning behind that is largely psychological, with the idea women wouldn’t feel properly feminine if they didn’t have a “bleed”.

Personally, I couldn’t care less - they’ve certainly never made me feel more beautiful or more sexy. Anything but! But I do follow the conventional seven-day break each month - not to get my “symbol of womanhood”, but just to give my body a little rest from something that might be raising my blood pressure.

If I particularly DON’T want a period one month - holiday, or special occasion - I won’t take the customary break. Does you no harm at all to take two courses without a gap.


Hi, I’m 43 and have a contraceptive implant fitted. One massive plus for me is that I’ve not has a period in nearly a year! Sara x

Hmm, this is interesting. I’ve been on my period for a whole year! GP won’t do anything about it, even though it’s really doing my head in and costing a fortune. Said i can’t goon the pill cos my BMI is too high, but i keep telling them that BMI is for normal people who arn’t only 4ft8 tall! Wish something would get done about it xxx

I used to have the contraceptive injection and that stops them, you only need a jab every 3 months… as far as I can remember, the hormones are more akin to the mini-pill so I don’t think age is a factor. I think the only down side is IF you wanted to get pregnant, it takes ages to come out of your system. Probably worth giving your GP or family planning clinic a call.

Sonia x

For Folksongs:

What do you mean: “GP won’t do anything about it”? Do you mean you’ve had continuous bleeding for a year, and it’s not being treated as urgent, or even worthy of investigation? Or have I misunderstood?

What on earth does he/she claim it is, and how can it possibly be normal? We do get a bit irregular as we get older (can be either more frequent, as mine were, or further apart). You don’t say how old you are. But continuous bleeding isn’t normal at any age. I don’t mean to scare you, but please see another doctor, and tell them what you’ve told us. I doubt the pill’s the answer anyway, as this isn’t just a slight irregularity. It needs investigating to find out why.


Hi Tina, yes, that is what i mean, you haven’t misunderstood. I have had the odd few days of not bleeding, but that’s it. I have never had regular periods, and i have PCOS, somy GP just said that’s the reason why. It isn’t always heavy, it varies quite a lot. It’s not down to age cos i’m 24. I did some research and i think it might be a side effect of citalopram, but i’m not certain, or it might be down to loosing 2 and a half stone, as the bleeding started the same time i started loosing weight. It’s so hard to get to the doctors and they are always saying they are fed up with me going to see them about things they can’t do anything about xxx

Hmmm. I think PCOS can cause bleeding, but more common to cause infrequent periods or no periods. I’m very surprised nothing can be done, and still think it might be worth pressing for a 2nd opinion - firstly to check it’s nothing more sinister, but secondly to confirm there’s nothing to make life easier for you.

I certainly thought it was bad enough having a period every three weeks, without having it all the time. And I agree it must be a horrific expense. Not the first time I’ve asked somebody this today, but is there no other doctor at the same practice you can see? Sometimes just seeing a different person can bring a whole new approach. You don’t have to switch permanently, and I don’t believe you even have to give a reason. If there are several doctors where you’re registered, you can ask to see whichever you like.

I try to keep seeing the same one, because she knows me quite well by know, and I’ve been quite happy with her. She’s not very confident about treating MS symptoms, but OK apart from that, and it’s easier than explaining everything to someone new each time.

But if I ever thought I was a bit stuck in a rut with her, and wanted a second opinion, I wouldn’t hesitate to see one of the others. Of course, it helps that she’s only part-time anyway, so it would be easier to do it without being conspicuous. If they said: “Oh, she’s not in 'til whenever”, I’d be able to say: “OK, any of the others then”, and it would just look as if I was keen to be seen, and not deliberately avoiding her.



Interseting subject and I am glad you asked this Perky :slight_smile: My hands and arms are numb, so as you can imagine this makes it very difficult. I didn’t realise I could do so much about it, so I am going to go to my doctor and sort it out. Thankyou x

Hi Tina,yeah, there is quite a few doctor’s at out surgery,but the ones i’ve seen have all been the same, not a bit interested in paitents like me who have chronic illnesses. Not onlyis it very hard to get to the surgery, but it’s so stressful, cos i know they will just get annoyed with me. Guess i’m gonna have to go back though. it is mega expensive and means that i can’t wear incontinence pads, so am always anxious about that. xxx

hi tina,

the mirena is often used for ladies with problem periods. I would certainly ask about it.


Hi, Bex (folksongs) I agree with Tina. You should have mirena fitted and see if it helps.

Just lie to the damn doctors. Say you are in relationship with a man and you are scared of getting pregnant.

I find it incredible that they won’t help you with this problem! They treat you like this because you are young and they know they can get away with it!

I won’t even say what I think of them because it will all be filtered words.

Hang in there Bex and think about getting the mirena fitted.

Pat x

sorry bex, i called you tina, blurred vision an all. doh


did you lose the weight intentionally or did it just happen? If the latter, you really must push for an investigation, as weight loss and continual bleeding could spell big trouble. I don’t want to frighten you, but take it from one who knows. It might just be able to be sorted with Myrina, or something similar, but its definately NOT ok to leave it. Please, push for help. Contact PALS if you don’t get it xxx

Hi all, Pat, i’ve had the mirena fitted before, it caused me a lot of problems, so don’t really want to go down that route again, if it can be avoided. Hunny, i lost the weight intentionally, very slowly, over the course of a year, through being arefulabout what i’m eating. Would like to loose another 2 stone ideally. xxx