Any way to stop monthly periods?


I used to be on the Depo Provera injection (I think that’s how it’s spelt) and had used it in the past, as someone else said, you have every 3 months. I found it great as it stopped my periods completely which was the main reason I’ve used it each time I have (always had unpredictable and painful periods). The last time I was on it I started bleeding again after about 2 1/2 years. In the end it was pretty much constant, even thought it was very light.

So I changed to the Mirena Coil in the hope that it would again stop my periods. Unfortunately it hasn’t done that although it’s not like I have a ‘normal’ period. I find that I have very light bleeding for about 2 weeks then nothing for a week or 2 then bleeding again. I also have the odd bit of peroid pain which isn’t anywhere near as bad I’d get if I wasn’t on anything. So much so that I’m happy to stick with it for now. I might try the Depo again when the coil is due to be changed and see if that does the trick again.

Nightmare being a woman isn’t it!


Folksongs - I had 6 months of continual bleeding and one GP kept fobbing me off with mini contraceptive tablets etc. Nothing worked and it was getting worse and heavier. In the end I booked an emergency appointment, cried all over a different GP, told him how worrying how it was and how the heavier the period, the worse the migraine so I really needed something doing.

He couldn’t understand why I had not been referred to gynaecology at the hospital and referred me straightaway. It turns out I had a polyp on my cervix which was whipped off immediately (OUCH) and that was it - sorted! However it could have been something more sinister. They sent it off for testing and I was so relieved to get the letter saying it was benign.

Your GPs are being very reckless if they are not referring you to the experts. Bleeding between periods should never be ignored. I doubt if you can self refer to gynaecology but maybe if the bleeding is at its worst you could call an out of hours service or present at A&E and bypass your surgery? I’m afraid I would be underhand and try another route. Or at least complain to the PCT. They are treating you in an appalling manner.

Tracey x

Hi Tracey, i’m glad you got it sorted. I will try to go to the doctors yet again, and see if they will do anything about it this time. If not, i will have no other choice but to ring out of hours xxx

Thankyou all for your replies, it seems there are quite a few options for me to discuss with my doctor! I don’t want to have a coil or implant without the guarantee that my periods will stop though, as I don’t need contraception, so maybe the pill would be best.

And folksongs, you should definitely insist on being investigated.

as well as having MS i also have enderometriosis(yes spelling is rubbish) had the mirena coil fitted didnt work well and they talked about hysterctomy and friend MS pyhsio said asked what else is available so went on the pill havent had a period for six years it is monitored by my GP and I am 53

Hi, I had this problem too,it was driving me mad,I tried the coil,the depot injection,the pill and nothing worked. Anyway as my ms progressed I became more and more desperate so I went to see my gynecologist and he suggested the latest thing before a complete hysterectomy which I didn’t want to have to go through was an ablation. You go in as a day case,you have a GA,they burn away the lining of the womb,it’s called a microwave ablation. Basically that was 2yrs ago and I haven’t had a period since,it’s been amazing it really has,I can’t recommend it enough, I thought I would still have light periods but I can honestly say that since having it done I have never looked back and never ever had one period since which is absolute bliss!, I hope this helps you. Kim xx

The coil or the 3 monthly contraceptive injection. I have the injection and it’s bliss not to have my periods. My MS is triggered by hormonal flutuations rather than infection so It’s a god send.


It’s such a shame you have all had bad experiences with your GP. The mirena is definately the best to stop periods, but given your age and your periods, you need to go back and see your GP for some investigations really. Unfortunatley, with BMI over 30 and age over 40 the risk for the combined pill for clots on legs/lungs (DVT/Pulmonry embolism) increases significantly, basically the risks outweigh the benefits. You can go on the mini-pill though as suggested safely, but again if this has been going on for a year I would push to get checked out.

I’m a Mirena fitter, hence the understanding…good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve been on Depo since I was 18, and not had a period for the last 8 years. There is evidence suggesting it thins your bones and causes osteoperosis though.