Is Mirena coil OK with MS and migarines? Ladies only please


My wonderful GP has suggested this coil IUS for my very heavy periods.

Wndering though if its OK with issues like MS and Migraines?

Any suggestions?


I had a mirena coil fitted some years ago. I didn’t notice any difference to my MS or to my migraine, but I did put on 20 pounds

I also had a virtually permanent period for nearly a year before it finally changed to a normal cycle (and very light)!

GPs generally say that the mirena has such a low level of hormones that it can’t possibly make us gain weight, but I had the coil removed when the weight gain got depressing and I lost the weight.

Of course, this is just me!

Karen x

I agree with Karen, I had one years ago and experienced the same. Personally I wouldn’t recommend it. Have you heard of/thought about ablasion? I didn’t have it, but I know someone who did, and its really helped. No side effects either, and only minimally invasive.

GP recommended it for me over a year ago.

since fitting I have had no periods, no headaches or weight gain. I was like a bear with a sore head a few days before my period was due.

So for me it has been great and the best thing ever. Sorry to read your other replys


Bearing in mind some of the negative reviews from other posters, is there any reason the contraceptive pill is contra-indicated for you, or are you already on it?

I used to have terrible periods, and they were exacerbating my MS symptoms too every month - only I didn’t know, because I didn’t know I had MS! As soon as I was diagnosed, and knew there was something else wrong with me, and not just “bad periods”, as I’d thought, I decided I had to do something to make them more manageable, and asked straight away to go on the pill!

I’ve been loads better since. Even though it’s not an MS treatment, I think it’s probably the single medication that’s made most difference to quality of life. My periods, as well as being heavy and painful had been getting very close together (three weeks instead of four). So I was literally only getting two good weeks before I started again with another lot - and another flare in MS symptoms.

Since being on the pill, I am regular and predictable. I don’t have full-on periods any more, but lighter, more short-lived ones, that don’t have as many symptoms, and don’t aggravate my MS as much. I still feel a bit ropier for a couple of days each month, but nothing like as bad as it used to be.

I’ve had to change pills recently - the last one wasn’t quite strong enough, and I used occasionally still to ovulate, and get a full period, like the bad old days (Thank goodness I wasn’t relying on it for contraception!) So it may take some trial and error to find the one that’s right for you. This latest one I’m on seems a lot better, and I feel as if my body’s actually taking notice of it, and not still trying to do its own thing!


Hi there, i had the mirena coil fitted a year and a half ago, and because i had so many problems with it, i did some research on it, online, and i came an article that said the the mirena was not reconmended for people with auto immune disorders, the article went on to explain why, but as i don’t have much understanding of medical terminology, i didn’t really understand. So, what i’m trying to say is that the mirena is not really the best option for MS sufferers. I have been trying to find suitable contraception for myself, as i have PCOS and as a result, have really irregular periods, but am too fat to go on the pill, so am totally out of options, hope this helps, love Bex xx

HI there,

I’m on my second Mirena, You have to change them after 5 years.

Like you I had terrible periods, very very heavy, flooding, ghastly cramps, migraines. etc Ugh my life seemed ruled by them. Didn’t dare go out in case of accidents etc. Work was nightmare. I had been suffering badly for years. Even kept a headache/period diary for 6 years. A hysterectomy was even discussed.

Didn’t know I had MS in the years before I had my first Mirena, but symptoms were difinltey worse just before & during my period.

Anyway, aftre it was fitted - not a very nice expereince- and things settled down, it was such a dramtaic change. My migraines are now just headaches from time to time. The flow has dramtically reduced & I have my life back.

Well ok in the meantime I have been diagnosed with MS & had several relapses and other associated MS issues, but heavy periods is one area I don’t have to think about anymore. No weight gain either.

So I guess it works for some but not for others. FOr me, its been fab.

Good luck




I’m on my second Mirena coil, so have used this form of contraception for almost 10 years. I can honestly say I haven’t had any problems and, in fact, it is absolutely wonderful as I rarely have a period (probably 4 max in one year) and when I do have one, it is really light! Having said that, we are all different and therefore what works for one, won’t work for another. I would give it a try. I am not diagnosed, as yet, but suspect I have had MS since at least 2007, and the Mirena has had no effect whatsoever on my MS (or at least not that I’m aware of).



Hello and thank you all those who replied.

It hurts me ever so much down there, so Iam extremely reluctant to try Mirena as first option.

I think I might visit the local hospital drop-in and try the OCP or POP to start with and see how it goes.

Thanks again all my friends.


Hello and thank you all those who replied!

Hmmm… I will pay a visit to the local clinic at hospital and see what they suggest.

It certainly helps though to have advice from fellow MSers!




I had the Mirena coil fitted to try and stop my periods-they were heavy and at the time I had lost complete use of both my hands/arms and therefore couldnt attend to my own personal hygiene (and all that entails re periods!)

I was numb when it was fitted and never felt a thing! Its due changed this year-I hope that I am still numb when that happens!

And it has done as hoped-more or less-sometimes get breakthrough yuk-cant even say bleed cos its not. I have lost approx 2 stone since it was fitted-thats coincidence-not due to coil.

Sorry-I dunno re headaches-rarely get them.


About 5 years ago I went through a really bad time with my menstrusal cycle - after years of very heavy, painful periods which I had had for so long I thought they were normal - the tap turned on and forgot to turn off! I went into hospital after about 4 months - dangerously low in iron and underwent a general anaesthetic - I expected to wake up after a hysterectomy… after seeing the number of fibroids I have (and knowing I have a bleeding disorder anyway) they fitted a mirena coll - its the best thing to ever happen to me. I had some spotting for a few days but I have never had a period since… nor a migraine (whic I used to suffer from too). I am hoping that when my 5 years are up shortly they change it for another. I had been on the pill beforehand but I am now 53… however I have no evidence that I am in the change - no hot flushes or anything like it…

The anaesthetic did effect me for a few days after but i was warned that the MS wouldn’t like it!

Carol L

have you thought about going on the pill i had it fitted fiur years ago didn’t work and ended up still with severe headaches enetually requested from the consultant was there anything else that would hel rather than going down the historectomy route he said maybe the pill would work three months later yes it is working no more mid cyle headaches


I had my first one fitted recently (about three months ago). I bled continuously when I first had it fitted but Dr did say it could take up to six months to settle down and it is beginning to.

there can be side effects as with any medicine but I’ve not had any and hope I won’t get any. I started a diet about the same time (just eating healthier not a fad one!) and I’ve lost over a stone. Still someway to go but I’ve not had the weight gain that can be one of the side effects,

Having it fitted was uncomfortable but it’s soon over. I had period cramps for a couple of days after but they didn’t last long. Two of my friends have had them fitted for a while and they no longer have periods at all. One of the has Chronic fatigue Syndrome and she’s not had any adverse reaction to it.

I would say try it, if it’s not for you have it removed but we’re all different and what doesn’t work for one can be fantastic for another.

Catherine x

I take daily supplements of evening primrose oil as I have severe cyclical breast pain and this was recommended by the doctor I saw at the breast unit in Winchester. Not only does it really help the breast pain but it has regulated very irregular periods and lessened PMS symptoms. I still have fairly heavy bleeding but it has changed my life as far as those other symptoms are concerned. Hth Teresa xx