Embarrassing rebif and period question...sorry in advance

Hi I have been on rebif titration for the past few weeks and just gone up to 22mcg, apart for the flues feeling, headache and actual injection slight sting I thought I was doing really well as able to work and look after my kids pretty well…but. I have never had problems with my periods, only twice and both time I was pregnant. I had a period two weeks ago, 4 days earlier than usual(not usual for me) and now bleeding again…wtf??? I know rebif can cause problems and after a quick google search have found that generally people stop or have longer between each. Having a period every two weeks will be pretty awful, as I’m getting my head round my diagnosis as Im 34 had a few weird pins and needles weakness over the last we years but didnt think much of it then sudden optic neuritis and arm meekness in October and then relpase in March and now diagnosed with RRMs! So despite this I’m trying to be positive chose rebif because I could titrate up and did not want to do am IM iectiong. What I wasn’t banking on was having my periods mess up too…having read other posts about MS, yes I’m aware it is unpredictable and annoying but this is just another thing…bring on the mirena coil… Which wold stop my periods but I’m not sure if I would handle the procedure well… Sorry of th long post and if I sound annoyed but I guess I’m just feeling fed up, have to laugh as OH said ‘don’t worry you don’t have to say you have your period again to get out of sex!’…if only :wink:

Sorry I’m reposting to see if anyone has any advice?

Hello. When I was on rebif I noticed that I had slight spotting in between periods but I don’t think I ever had an early or late one. I have just started on it again this week so when I have done my titration if I notice any changes will let you know. Your story sounds similar to mine with how you found out you had it. It’s really hard to get your head round but you do just get used to it after a while. I am due to get the mirena coil soon to stop my periods more than anything. Having it fitted doesn’t sound like much fun but it’s only a few minutes so should not be too bad. Sarah


Please don’t think that the Mirena coil will stop your periods, it may do but there is no guarantee.

I went on it as I started bleeding randomly while on the Depro Provera injection (which had stop my periods completely for a few years). I had the Mirena Coil fitted and athough at first it made things lighter than before pretty soon I was spotting randomly again and in the end I was bleeding most of the time and not just spotting.

I had it removed and went back on the Depo injection and even though it’s only been a month, I haven’t been bleeding at all.

If you do get it, having it fitted is slightly more uncomfortable than a smear test. Having it removed was even less of a fuss.


Thank you, Sarah it’s not nice for you but reassuring that someone else is going through the same, weird ow they say no two people are alike but lots with similar stories. I’m glad I got an early diagnosis but probably still in shock to be honest! The bleeding has persisted but not full blown period!(sorry)… Thanks about advice re mirena, I wasn’t too keen on depo as had two lots of steroids in the last 3 months and concerned about osteoporosis with long term use, might think about the mini,pill cerazette which might do the same! Xxxxx

Hi, I’m not on any DMDs as likely primary progressive but this year has been pretty random period wise so I wonder if MS alone might have an impact?

My periods were always a bit sporadic until I got really physically fit, then I became really regular (usually within about a 3 hour window every 4 weeks) and that carried on even when I had tummy problems and lost too much weight.

Anyhow, since just prior to diagnosis they have gotten a bit more random. I started one period anout 2 weeks after the previous one started and then again less than 4 weeks after that so I do wonder if it’s a hormonal thing… I could understand them getting less frequent when you consider I can barely walk let alone teach classes once a week.

So not much advice for you - more pondering if MS impacts your hormones, since it seems to have a sway on just about every other physical element of your life :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Hi, I have been on Rebif for about 7 weeks. It occurred to me last week i have not had a period at all since i started. I spoke to my nurse about it, who looked it uo in her rebif bible and said it is a known interaction between rebif and menstration, although not a common one, and that I should keep an eye on things, keeping her in the loop. HTH

Thanks everyone, the bleeding continues:-(. Really annoying as went to a wedding and had a really nice dress but really obvious VPL! Oh well…