Rebif and periods. Advise please......

Hi guys Can anyone help me… My periods have stopped since I started rebif… I’m not on the pill or anything so can’t figure out what’s going on. And I’m not pregnant. I did a home pregnancy test and not pregnant… Is this a normal side effect? I’m hoping to try for another baby next year so it had me worried. Thanks in advance.


As far as I know, one of the side effects is heavy periods, perhaps you should give a call to your nurse.

If you just started with the Rebif it may be a temp side effects (I have an endless list of side effects happing to me during the first 5 months of injections), but it always better to look for a more qualified advise.

I hope you sort this out soon


I have heard of heavy periods with all the interferons but not no periods. Hope someone can help… Its like MS has taken everything from me already. My balance and co ordination,my quick smart brain, my energy, my friends and hobbies and even my womanhood if that makes sense now!! Never had period issues in my life. Who knew how much you could miss them!!

any changes in a women’s cycle should be talked about with a GP. it could be something really simple causing the problem, (I don’t see no periods as a problem tho, take my uterus docs please :stuck_out_tongue: ), or not, either way if its worries you go talk to a medical professional about it.