Ladies waterworks ...please help if you can

I have gone from self catheterising 3 times a day to 5 times a day and now for the past few weeks cannot pass anything natuarally at all so getting used to the cath a few extra times a day and having to measure again all inout output to see how often I need to cath now.

I still use a mirror at home and am having problems if out because of not having my mirror light set up with me.

OH suggested a mirror hung on a ribbon round my neck then grip mirror with knees and put cath in…hah hah I can,t see the “spot” if I am leaning forward to get the mirror in place. I also cant get the light right. This is a nightmare, there must be a way to do it…I know lots of you people have mastered the art of self cathing by feel. I just have not managed it so am looking for another solution.

ANY ideas gratefully accepted unless they draw attention to my large tummy ! Seriously can anyone think of some way I can do this in public loo or store loo etc please ?

Obviously I hope I can get a routine going so do not need to do this away from home much but when I go for day hospital treatment or am with family on days out I cannot leave it too long without voiding as I get toxic headaches and UTI,s

I have got so upset over it today I want to go into hospital, my MS is throwing lots of worsening symptoms at me over the past months and I have other health issues and feel the situation is almost unbearable.

I have a horrible constant itching all over including my scalp which is only eased when in the shower, I am showering twice a day and that is exhausting me…I am so fatigued I fell asleep at the dentist ( I am terrified of dentist )

please help

I feel for you - you probably notice I have just put a thread on about catheterisation. I have always hated public toilets at best of times and always used to avoid them but recently find I’m a frequent visitor now. I hope someone is able to help you more than me as I am only about to start the journey and I’m really scared. Big hugs Barney

Hello Anon

How is your mobility/flexibility? would you be able to prop one leg on the toilet seat and hold the mirror in opposite hand. You can carry antispetic wipes with you to wipe the seat after. When you can, use the disabilty toilet, it will give you more room.

I’ll keep thinking if that’s a no go.

Hello Blossom, I have tried this and on a really good day I could get into that position as long as I could lean on a wall whilst only one leg on ground but most days it is not an option.

Also at friends homes where there is a carpet I panic about any possible leaks…I am getting to point of wishing I had an indwelling cath.

Thanks for your reply, and Barney Owl.

Hello again anon Is a suprapubic catheter an option for you? Or do you feel that is too drastic ? Don’t worry Lol, I’m out of ideas now :slight_smile: X

I would happily consider SPC Blossom.

I was ok when I could still void a bit even if only 50 mls as that a couple of times a day plus cath before I went out and again when I got home was ok but now I am only able to empty bladder with cath I do find I am headachy and a bit sickly when too long between caths.