Self catheterising now imminent

and I’m really worried that I won’t be a able to do it. My fingers are no longer nimble and I drop just about everything I touch. I can’t imagine being able to deal with mirror and catheter.

The nurse said she’ll teach me in my bedroom, I lurch around on crutches I can’t be carrying bowls of urine from bedroom to bathroom, or in the bathroom with my foot on the loo. I can’t lift my foot up a step never mind onto a tall loo, and I certainly wouldn’t be able to balance on one leg while groping about to get the catheter in.

I know lots of you do it, words of wisdom and encouragement would be nice please?


Sorry I can’t give you any tips, my catheter is SP, best thing I’ve had done!

Try not to worry, your nurse will help you through it & anything you can’t manage she’ll have to find a different way for you. She will have seen all of the problems before, so leave it up to her & try to keep calm.

Once you’ve learnt there’ll be no stopping you!

Rosina x

Hi Flowerpot

If you don’t think it is going to be practical then discuss having a Suprapeubic catheter with the nurse. Or go ahead and try and let the nurse see that you can’t do it.

Good luck

Hi, sounds like you’d need to be a juggling acrobat to manage.

Like the others say, maybe a suprapubic catheter would suit.

Had mine 19 months. Its the best for me, despite occasional hiccups!


I now use a catheter that has a bag attached which can then be emptied down the loo. I juggled mirrors, jugs and catheters for a long time before I was introduced to this type. I stand up to do it, leaning against a wall - my balance is terrible but the wall keeps me safe. Now I don’t use a mirror at all, it just goes straight in but I agree you do need a mirror to start with.

Honestly, if you have a decent teacher it’s really easy. I can’t believe I struggled for so long due to the incapability of the continence nurse I was originally allocated!

Sarah x

Hi, it is a lot easier than you think. I have never used a mirror, not even when I first started. Much easier to do it by feel. I do it sat on the loo, like you would normally. My fingers arn’t nimble either, but I manage fine. Hope this helps, but if you have any questions, feel free to pm me, love Bex xxx

I echo what Bex says above. Its much much easier than I thought it would be, there are still days where it takes me ages but you can do it by feel alone whilst sat on the loo, just takes a bit of practice. I managed mine straight off with the nurse and havent really had a problem since.

Good luck - the thought of it is much worse than the actual thing.


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I’m pleased to say I have a reprieve.

Todays scan came in with a lower number than last week, so all being well I have a reprieve for four months, unless my symptoms worsen.

Thanks all xx

That’s good to hear! Fingers crossed

Rosina x