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I was wondering if anyone had any advice for one who has MS and bad vertigo and as a result has been housebound for ten years. There are only so many games, books and research that one can do.

Thank you


when my my virtigo is bad I find reading a chore but I love to listen to audiobooks. I’ve recently joined Kindle unlimited where you have access to loads of books for a monthly fee. They’re not always the top flight authors but I have found lots of good ones to listen to. I’m a member of audible but one book a month is not enough to feed my habit.

Although I am not housebound I find time is often heavy on my hands but fatigue is my limiting factor. I spend far too much time playing games on my ipad​.


Erm, how about starting a blog where you review all the many games & books etc that you’ve played & read?


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I became housebound for nigh on 12 yrs due to vertigo so can empathise. However a new Neuro I had referred me to the Neuro Physio Dept. in my hospital and I underwent the Cawthorn Cooksey head exercises for vertigo which eradicated it.

So what I’m saying is that there’s a way out of being restricted to games etc. Ask your MS team or Neuro if you can be referred for this

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Thank you for your comments and help. It is so difficult because I’m trying to think of something that can be long term. Genealogy was something that has been done for the past four-five years but after going back to the 1500s in some branches and over 1000 people on the tree, this has become rather exhausted. It’s important to have a variety of ongoing and fun things to do. This is what the big challenge is.

Thank you for your suggestions and comments so far It is difficult as ten years housebound is a long time. The issue is to find activities that can be ongoing and fun; I do realise that this is subjective. Genealogy has been a good outlet for the past four to five years but it eventually becomes exhausted, especially when you have over 1000 names on a family tree going back to the 1500s in some branches. It’s trying to find a few different sustainable activities for variety and also to have fun.

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Hi, just wondering if you (and anyone else reading this) is still housebound? Perhaps you have chosen to stay that way, as it is where you feel safe.

But I ask because I get out with the help of carers. This is paid for by Direct Payments. You need an assessment from Social Services to get a payment.

I have found this invaluable, as I get out once a week, with carers, but also go to Scope once a week, with transport and the session paid for by DPs too.

Just thought someone might find this info useful.