House Arrest

Guys and Gals,

I am only managing very tiny trips out the house at the moment, and feel so weird I am not driving myself. Even bathing, dressing and being driven to the doctors (bout an hour out the house) KO’s me for the rest of the day… in that I feel like I’ve been given a horse tranquiliser.

So I accept that until I’m stronger I need to prioritise trips like hospital or Doctors… I read when my eyes are up to it and watch TV while my concentration holds… and I feel so weak I don’t miss work at all…but could some of you please share activities that you do to pass the time and keep your brain active? I’ve had some books recommended which I’ve found really interesting.

I’m not recieving sick pay, but I’m lucky that this will not put us in financial hardship, but I am conscious that I can’t spend a load of money to keep myself occupied.

My family and friends are terrific but they go to college and work, and go out socially and I urge them to go so that I don’t keep them under house arrest all the time with me … but it’s so isolating…how do accept and adapt to that without getting down ? And how do you adapt to the “how long is a piece of string issue” in that I know I won’t be this weak forever, but one doesn’t know how long it will be until strength is regained?

Any tips will be gratefully recieved

Firstly I hear you with the Fatigue as do many of us,we understand your not upto things until your MS allows to some respite.I rarley go out unless I have to,short trips is all I can handle.

Oh gosh,I am into computers,so I do spend my time on the computer forums helping others to fix there computers.

I have a DS lite and you can get puzzle games for them that would occupy your mind and pass the time.I love a good jigsaw,when my hands allow me to pick up the pieces.I do like to do my daughters 3D puzzle balls.Would you be interested in doing some craft work or paint by numbers?

Have you thought of getting a Kindle and downloading some eBooks,there are many books you can download these days.


hi i hav just recently had to giv up work due to fatigue wat a horrable feeling my work kept me active on top of things but now i feel the same as you i hav a little boy whos 4 he keeps me on ma toes but a get so tired and frustrated that i cant go out and play so wee just go out the bacdoor ware i feel safe knowin am not in any danger and am close to the house . all i do is sit n play bingo online because of bordom but was spending far to much . like u i am looking for more ways to keep active i nd to lose a bit of weight my balance problems get in the way of exersise . its a long road but we can walk it 2gether with the help of the support in this amazing forum


Hi Gillian x

I’ve been off work now for 8 weeks and feel like it’s only been 8 days! I don’t know where all this time has gone - I feel like I’ve been sleeping the whole time - all night from 9.30 to 7.00am plus up to 4-6 hours a day!

I’ve been trying to do more but same as you - the only time I’m managing to get out is to the doctors! Whenever I’ve been on sick leave from work in the past I have always continued to work just as much (if not more!) - the only difference being that I have done it from my sofa! This time however has totally floored me - I have just not been capable of even thinking about work and have had to let others get on with it.

At first I spent all of my waking time on here - reading through posts, trawling websites trying to make sense of what is happening to me and what the various symptoms mean. I’m trying not to do that so much now as it’s become an obsession!

I have a sort of routine going on - I potter round the house for 15 minutes - rest for 30 minutes then potter around again for 15 minutes then rest again! I think I have watched just about every drama on the BBC iplayer and 4on demand!! I even find myself waiting for Jeremy Kyle to start every morning!!! I can’t read any books that are in any way demanding intellectually at the moment either - I’m reading rubbish really!!

I’m an artist and before all this I managed to get my Masters Degree whilst juggling a busy & stressful job - I would have given anything to have all this time available for my research and my artwork!! Unfortunately I’ve only managed to start one large portrait - I just can’t seem to find the strength or motivation to finish it.

I loved the studying for my MA though - perhaps you could do an online course? Nothing too demanding - something you can do at your own pace? If you are ceative (or not!) It doesn’t have to be painting or drawing - for example I’m in to manipulating & fiddling with photographs - so learning and experimenting with Photoshop and other applications keeps me occupied for a time.

As I’m stuck on the sofa I can’t get out and about to do any painting or drawing from life so I often use these photographs to explore color and compositions for studiowork - or rather sofawork at the mo!!

I’d be more than happy to help you get started if you like?


Hi, before I took retirement through ill health, I wasn`t one for hobbies. But I did run Weight Watchers classes, as well as holding down a nearly full time job.

So once I had no work to go to, I found myself writing stories. Don`t know where the oomph came from, but stories just poured out of me. I got very excited about them. I would plan a beginning, a middle but the end took even me by surprise.

A few friends and family members read my stories and said they were brill. I only once enterred one in a competition, but didn`t win any prizes!

Then I began card making…this can be expensive, but nowadays you can get lots of stuff in £ shops.

Then I joined a sewing club, where we can get material cheaply. It`s fun and so absorbing.

If money is tight, well you`ve already got your pc, so do some sufing and you may find a subject to interest you.

What about researching for a family tree?

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Thank you so much,

It’s amazing how illness can make you lose the ability to “think outside the box”.

Charlie - you know I loved puzzles as a child, and bought my daughter up to love them. As work and family commitments took over my time and she grew oldler I stopped “jigging” as we used to call it. Since she passed her driving est her porta puzzle has become redundant… woo hoo! You sound like you have a Kindle…if you have any recomendations for free Kindle reading…please let me know… mine has come into it’s own since I’ve been ill, but sometimes my eyes just can’t cope with it.

Heather - you made me realise that although the sunshine disagrees with me I could put some food out for the birds and watch them from the conservatory with a coffee…and today is the first time I’ve noticed a robin in our garden.

Jen - I was acccepted into Batley School of Art and Design (more than a cpl decades ago) but I was determined to join the Police Force. For a couple of quid I will buy some oil pastels and see if I can remember what to do with them.

Pol - I would love to read your stories! Funny you mention writing as I have been looking at blogs over the last few days, though my dread would be that all I would do would be moan about every pain and symptom.

Any recommendations from anyone as to an interesting, humourless blog to follow and/or take tips from?

Thanks again… I am brimming with positive ideas x