I was a bit bored and I typed in 'SCOTLAND AND MS' - only because that's where I come from (originally DUNDEE but have lived up and down the East coast - Aberdeen, Edinburgh and now married in DALGETY BAY for 12/13 years). I am 55 years old (have a young daughter (8) ). My license was 'taken away' because my reactions weren't 'quick enough' - I now have to try and drive with an 'Automatic'. I can't be 'bothered' travelling so I stay at home all day. My wife works so I'm left to get bored 'on my own'.

The weather will get 'nicer' (I hope) - Does anyone live near? (poss. with MS) or just want to communicate (with email?) - but don't 'bother' if you are not interested - having to deal with MS (on a daily basis) can be hard enough (I've had the MS for ~12 years) and I've tried to go to meetings (not very hard because I find them a bit 'depressing').

Phew! - that was a lot of typing, I'll better away for a cup of tea!



Hi Marcus

Just wondered why someone has to live near to communicate?

I can't be bothered with being bored. Life is restricted enough so could not cope doing nothing. Fatigue is a huge problem so I tend to far too much when I can but the buz from completing a task helps me through the day.

Do you prep the veg for dinner to help the wife? Is Dalgety Bay remote?

I guess I have always pushed myself - not always a good thing but there is only so much tv one can stomach.

We are of an age, suffered about the same although I am a Yorkshire lass - I know direct...

Have a good day.




Have you tried to go to meetings of things unrelated to MS marcus? I have found friends locally through toddler groups, taking my sons to clubs meeting the other parents, joining the PTA, evening classes and going to the gym (I can't manage the gym but I do a pilates and aquafit class). I am at home a lot (looking after kids) and it can get a bit depressing and lonely so I try to keep busy and get out and about as much as I can. I'm sure there is lots about the house to do to keep you out of trouble as well happy2

hello Marcus, you haven't had much good luck in your life so far, 1st Dundee, then Aberdeen, then the worst, Edinburgh, and now, living among the Fifers in Dalgetty Bay-LOL, it maybe a nice enough place but a wee bit off the beaten track, maybe some day when it's nice you can wave a flag out in your garden, and, if I'm passing by, on the good side of the Forth, will wave back, I'm from a small, old mining village about 4 or so miles from the bridges, a place called Winchburgh, I worked on a few sites in Dalgetty Bay, but if you have any complaints about your house, I NEVER worked on it, I'm a bit like you, in that I'm in the house every day whilst the wife keeps me in a manner I'm accostomed to, but having the mobility scooter has been great, at least I can get out and about, meet folk, whenever, unlike Dalgetty, here there are always folk passing by, and of course it helps to have things to do, if you feel like a chat now and then, drop a line, brian

Thanks, Moira. Happy Valentines Day . My wife is better at preparing the veg. (I'm unable to stand too long). What you say is 'correct' but most times, I can't be 'bothered'. Dalgety Bay is near Dunfermline and my wife is an Optometrist and it takes about 20 mins to Edinburgh by train (where she works). Your note cheered me up - thanks.


Thanks 'Amylou' - your note makes sense and I should try to 'get out' a bit more but maybe when it gets a bit 'warmer' - it's 'bloom'in chilly just now. My wife does 'Pilates' and I used to go to the local 'Folk Club' but I feel a bit 'scunnered' now - hopefully I'll 'perk up' when the weather gets a bit 'milder' - thanks, your message cheered me up!


Thanks Brian (for your help) and that would be nice to 'keep in touch' if you feel like it (but no pressure). I do have an email address - and I go on it 'most days' but I'm not 'obsessed' with it. I had to 'look up' Winchburgh on google - shame for someone who has more than likely been 'through it' before (and has voted S.N.P. for 37 years!!!). I'll blame the MS - that's the easy way! 


Hi, Brian - I forgot to say that I 'grew up' in a village called 'Invergowrie' and my wife is from Northern Ireland.


Hi .marcus. Happy valentines day and how are you. I am always up for a chat, either on here or fb. Yes, I struggle to get out on my own too and am not getting any better, however, with a bit of help I do manage to get myself to my work.

Weather should sart to improve soon I hope, but at least it is getting lighter in the mornings and at night. Have to say though that it was a particularly unpleasant windy and cold day today.

Never mind, I am inside now, it is warm and we have had roast chicken for tea followed by a Belgian chocolate millionnaires tart which was delicious.

Now I am off to empty the dishwasher, tidy up the tea things in the kitchen.


Hi, Cheryl,

Thanks for your reply and a Happy Valentines Day to you too - (I stop at buying Valentines cards etc. - I did do when I was 'younger' but I tend to look on it as a 'capitalist excuse' now and I don't waste my money!)

Your tea however sounded 'scrumptious' and was a 'good' way to spend money - yum, yum!

Hope your 'dishwasher chores' weren't too tiresome.

I'm just away to 'hobble off' to bed - good night. :-)