Ideas for things to do stuck in bed!

Hi I’m new here and not new with MS. I was diagnosed with MS December 2010. I’m from Perth, Australia. I seem to spend alot of my time in Bed Rest. Since it summer here in Australia. I been struggling with the heatwave. I been getting bored in bed. I been sleeping alot. Apart from sleeping I need things to do.

Hello, I too spend a lot of my time in bed, I used to be able to get lost in a good novel but these days I find it incredibly frustrating as by the time I turn the page I can no longer recall what has happened on the previous page

Sorry…don’t know what happened there…only half my post came through Should have read… The answer turned out to be an iPad …would hate to be without it now! I know they are costly but my husband managed to buy a very reasonable second hand one on eBay Hope this helps ng

Hi Sassylife, welcome to the forum.

I read, watch tv or dvds, listen to radio… a good thing to do is listen to radio while playing a game on laptop. Surprisingly relaxing… esp mahjong. It is usually in the games bit of laptop but there are also good free ones online.

I also think your bedroom should be set-up to make days in bed as comfy as possible, so tv, cd player etc etc. When fatigue is very bad I make a thermos flask of tea so I don’t have to get up to make tea (or lie in bed dying for a cuppa but too tired to get up to make one).

Reading is the best. If you have double-vision try an e-reader (kindle)… you can change the font size and spacing to make it easier. Also of course you can buy exactly what you feel like reading when you feel like reading it (actually I do prefer a good old-fashioned paper book… but kindle has it’s uses esp when in bed… and much easier to hold).

If you find novels difficult, try short stories. Easier to follow something that can be read in one sitting.

I don’t envy you in a heatwave. Keep cool…

Pat x


I know how you feel being stuck in bed is the pits but I usually play games online, watch tv or DVD’s, read books or magazines or even try puzzle books.

Just try to make your bedroom as comfy as possible and try to keep things close to hand. As Pat said above a thermos of tea to save you getting up is a great idea.

Hope this doesn’t last too long for you


Hi, I am spending more time that usual in bed lately. i`ve just started knitting a scarf. The wool is cool…silver grey with sequins! I also watch tv, films, and natter on here.

A good thing about my bedroom is that it has a conservatory, leading to the decked garden. As I can see out through the french doors, I dont feel cut off.

Hope you feel well enough to get up more soon.

luv Pollx

MS43- your wool sound so cool. I tried knitting in the past. Even I had people try to teach me and gave up. I don’t have the coordination for knitting.

Hi If you like reading normally, why not try recorded books on CD ? Xx

MrsH-- what are re-ordered books?

Hi Sassylife and welcome,

There have been some great suggestions made already… I watch ABC TV on my computer through iView

Great way to not miss programmes and the commercial channels also have catch-up TV. If you google your local stations you should find something but good old Aunty is always there.

I play a lot of computer games and read a lot on my Kindle too. With a Kindle if you aren’t up to reading you can also use the text to speech mode and have it read to you which is handy

Also if you are on Disability Pension or have a Health Care Card you will be eligible for a Medical Cooling concession to help with the costs of running air conditioning if you haven’t already applied for this

And there is also a new concesiion brought in last year to offset the Carbon tax which is payable on top of the Medical Cooling one and is paid annually

Stay cool and come on Autumn. Been a bit hot this summer to put it mildly… I am in Victoria and we are still dealing with bushfires in my neck of the woods



Sorry to hear you are dealing with the bush fires in Victoria Brog64. I got some forms from MS Society to fill out to get aircon. Which I forgetting to fill out. I got a fan that does a good job when it not to hot and works good at night.

Hi sassylife Recorded books are cd’s of someone reading a whole book…they are brill…I just close my eyes and it’s like my Dad reading me a story when I was little. Xx

Cool, I check them out, next time I go to the library.


Have you tried Zentangle. Its called yoga for the mind you can find lots on the internet to help you with this. I have enjoyed doing this everywhere. its small to carry around. I find other people want to join it when i am doodling. Have fun

Joan x

Well…I spend a lot of time on my computer, to be honest I did before I was ill, but now I have an excuse! If you don’t already have one, get yourself a laptop or tablet, access to the internet these days is access to the world at your finger tips.

A laptop or tablet allows you to read, listen to music, watch movies, play games, talk to people, go shopping and write your thoughts down if you want. It has a battery for wireless use but if you plan on using it a lot just keep it plugged in, wireless internet would also help.

I honestly believe if there ever was an era to be stuck at home, this is the one, the internet gives you so much access to everything.

Perhaps though, you should beat yourself up and refuse to stay in bed. I’m worried if you find enough reasons to entertain yourself in bed you’ll find less cause to ever get out. Which could lead to bed sores and other health problems. Try not to fall in that trap!

When I bought the wool, I thought 1 ball would suffice, but no, I ran out and the shop doesnt have anymore! said they`ll re-oder but cant be sure of getting any.

Anyone fancy a 10 inch scarf?

luv Pollx

Just had a naughty thought as a use for my little scarf…

a w…y warmer…not bragging about my hubby mind!

luv Pollx

Oooh Poll…!!! Xxx

Writing poems, colouring, sketching, painting by numbers.

They sound like fun!