Going stir crazy

Week 2 plus of latest relapse.

Stuck in bed because my usual shuffle has turned to stagger/lurch and my arms don’t have the strength to hold me up on my crutches.

Stupid sensory problems mean I can’t type properly (touch typist - hard to hunt and peck!) and arms too weary.

Hate daytime TV - used up the internet.

Just having a moan really!

Hi,I was like this over the summer,I hope it goes soon for you,bed rest is boring but it is the best thing and sometimes the only thing for us that helps,and sometimes we don’t have a choice.

Daytime tv rots the brain :smiley: have you tried BBC I Player? I usually find somthing to watch on there,and there’s Channel 4 OD too,might help to pass the time a bit. Hope you start to feel better soon,xxjo

Have you tried audio books?
I find that TV does not hold my attention and I often don’t have the energy for conventional reading (my eyes are crap) but I love audio books.
My library does free downloads and I have a membership at
I can while away lots of hours listening to a great story well read on my ipod.


Hello there! Poor you…I know how it feels when we are going stir crazy…aka cabin fever.

Hope it won`t be long before you are able to get up and find the strength to do what you want to do.

luv Pollx

Horrible for you. I know how amazingly frustrating it is not being able to type properly, particularly if you can’t write either. As someone else said, Talking Books are a blessing and have stopped me going mad on occasions.

Hope things improve soon.