Bed bound activities?

Hi, My dad has been in hospital for 6 weeks now with an infection. He has ppms and the infection has made him so poorly, he has been Bed bound the whole time. He is getting really down. Can anyone recommend anything he can do in bed other than watch tv? He has bad coordination so can’t use a pen or turn pages. I don’t know what he would be like with an ipad? Is anyone on here with poor hand control able to use one? Are there special types of gadgets you can get? Games of some sort? Or possible ipods for disabled people? I can’t find anything on the internet. Any help would he much appreciated Thank you

I found when I was really unwell listening to books on the kindle helped, it took less concentration than watching television. Michelle and Frazer xx

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I’m at home most of the time, my co-ordination is passable at times but I have sight problems too (nystagmus) so reading’s a bit of a problem and I used to read a lot.

I use a microsoft tablet and have microsoft downloaded games of solitaire (5 games a day), sudoku(3) and mahjong(3) - there are loads to download for free if he can handle some ads. It might be worth borrowing one to see how he gets on with it. The solitaire is fairly ok sizewise on the screen but the others might be more tricky. There’s also candycrush/angry birds type games that might be ok?

Audible is well worth it too, I can listen to those books on tablet or mobile phone. In addition to books there’s loads of podcasts/short stories come up for free. Like on halloween there was a free Charles Dickens Ghostly Tales and there was a four piece from Stephen Fry recently and a comedy reading - so whilst you pay a monthly credit (1 book) there’s lots on there for free so take a look. No, I can’t remember the cost right now but not extorionate and if he’s going to want more books. they do deals on multiple tokens - have look at the site.

I love Netflix and good radio but I don’t think my husband realises quite how much time I pass in silence during the day - for me MS can just make me feel bombarded/sensory overload - so he might want some peace too… and yes, I sleep a lot.

Talking of surroundings tho, we have a birdbath in easy sight and it does make for some easy/good entertaiment, quite funny when the magpie’s dive bomb each other out of it (they’re uncouth and splash everywhere), the woodpigeons have a reeeallly long footsoak before they wash and the squirrels often stop by for a drink

Sonia x