Bed bound activities?

Hi, My dad has been in hospital for 6 weeks now with an infection. He has ppms and the infection has made him so poorly, he has been Bed bound the whole time. He is getting really down. Can anyone recommend anything he can do in bed other than watch tv? He has bad coordination so can’t use a pen or turn pages. I don’t know what he would be like with an ipad? Is anyone on here with poor hand control able to use one? Are there special types of gadgets you can get? Games of some sort? I can’t find anything on the internet. Any help would he much appreciated Thank you

hiya local volunteers at hosp to read to him or have a chat? i wanted to say re ipad. i know many on here use them. i borrowed one for a month from a local charity and it frustrated me more than it helped! i was too shaky and my brain really struggled to understand how to use it. several said to me to give it time but the frustration was worse than any benefits that i was getting. could you get one to try as well? hope you find a solution. ellie

Your poor Dad, so frustrating for him.

Know they’re quite expensive but, if he likes reading, what about a kindle or similar reading device? Very light and easy to use. Lots of books are free or very reasonable.

I haven’t read a paper book since getting mine. Bought a cover where you can slip your hand under a piece of elastic so no effort to hold. You can turn the pages easily with your thumb, or your nose!! On cold nights in the winter while keeping one hand warm under the covers!

Hope he’s out soon.


When I have to lie down for days, I watch really inappropriate comedy on netflix. I also like English things like ‘Dinnerladies’, foreign films with subtitles (because it makes you watch everything and concentrate) then more inappropriate comedy. If nothing else it makes me laugh.

ALEXA… Read me a story… Just pre load what you want. Books music sport whatever

If he can get online, and if he likes learning, then there’s a couple of things I recommend. Firstly, There are hundreds of short (20m max) talks on pretty much any subject you can think of. Often funny, and endlessly fascinating.

The other thing is They have free courses on all sorts of subjects, taught by various universities around the world. They generally use a mix of videos, articles to read, quizzes, and the opportunity to talk about the subject with other learners round the world. I’ve done things as varied as an introduction to forensic science, understanding the weather, propaganda & ideology, health research, maths puzzles… Helps to keep my brain active!