Need advice as taking BF to Barcelona and he has PPMS


I am new here and was looking for some advice.

My BF and I are going to Barcelona next month, it is our first holiday abroad in some years.

He has PPMS and I wanted any advice on places that may be suitable to visit/see/eat at. He uses a stick and tires easily so I don’t want to plan anything too ambitious, but want us to have a great time.

Sorry if I am in the wrong forum!

Hello Rocket.

I went to Barcelona with my wife in 2004. I’m afraid I struggled with more or less everything. 11 years on I know that steps have been made to improve accessibility in many Spanish cities. Have a look at the Disability Horizons website as they might have a blog on that-they have just done one on Malaga. I’m sure that if we were to go again, there would be lot more planning. Some of the Barcelona metro has disabled step free access. Another thing you could do is ask on the Everyday forum.

It’s a very beautiful place-fortunately I’d visited three times before when I was more able.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Rocket. Sorry, I’m not much help either but just wanted to warn you that heat can make fatigue worse in many people with ms so you might want to factor rest days in too. Steve had great advice with going on the Everyday living forum as many people there might holiday more than us. That definitely doesn’t mean you’re not welcome here, just that they might help with this question.

Enjoy your holiday and take care. Maybe when you get back you can give us tips on planning foreign holidays and what you found helpful.

Cath x

Hi Rocket you say he uses a stick and tires easily have you considered hiring a wheelchair before you go or have one delivered to your hotel. Also ask for airport assistance people don’t realise how much walking and standing is involved in getting from A to B to C when in an airport.

Have a lovely time.

Jan x

Hi Rocket, I went to Barcelona in June of last year. I also get tired easily but we managed to get around using the local buses which are quite reasonable. There is also a tourist bus that goes to all the main places which is hop on hop off. Bit more expensive but probably worth it. If you decide to get a wheelchair getting round the streets isn’t so difficult as they have smooth pavements. depending on which month you are going, take the local bus to the beach, great to people watch with some lovely bars.

Not sure which airport you are going from but as Jan says do use the assistance both ends. We usually fly out of Gatwick and the assistance is excellent. Just book ahead with the airline. Also if you phone the airline ahead of travel, you can book your seats with no charge. Assistance is also provided at Barcelona although can be slightly more hit and miss. If you google Barcelona assistance that will give you all the information and how to access it. The bus from the airport is very reasonable and the people taking the money let me jump the queue which was a bonus. Something else to be aware of if you are flying Easyjet, the departure building when you are coming home is a long walk from where the bus drops off.

Barcelona is a beautiful city but I have to admit it was very hard on me, so much so that it was the deciding factor to get a wheelchair for future holidays.

Have a brilliant time.


Hi Rocket, have never been to Barcelona so cannot comment. I just wanted to say how lucky your boyfriend is to have have such a thoughtful girlfriend who is doing her best to ensure he has the best holiday possible.

i hope you both have a great time,

ann x

Thank you everyone for your advice/links and kind words.

I will report back with any tips etc.

Best wishes,

Rocket xx

Thanks you everyone for the links/advice/kind wishes.

I will report back with how we got on and any advice.

Rocket xx

Yes, do let the airport know that you need help. As long as they are forewarned they will arrange to collect you with a chair - or one of those ‘golf buggies’. Then you will not have to wait around queuing and the long walk through to departures. Taking a lightweight wheelchairs will take a lot of the worry away. You can push him when he gets tired - and you will get better attention and help where ever you go. And the advantage of a wheelchair is the amount of 'shopping/coats/bags etc you can put on it. Even better would be a lightweight scooter. l used one to go to Jersey. lt was put on the plane and ready for me when l got off. As it folded down - l managed to get it in the back of the hire car.

Barcelona is quite a modern city - its the old medieval cities that are so difficult to get about - all those narrow cobbled streets with endless steps.

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Hi, I replied to you on el board, as I am going there in sept. Really looking forward to my first foreign trip since disability hit.

Will your bf be using a wheelchair? Think its a lot of walking to see the sights. I am a full time wheelie user.

Good luck.


Hello again.

I don’t know if someone has already posted the link but this might help.

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Pollx,

We had a lovely time but didn’t get to see much as he refused to use a wheelchair, BUT we are going back in November, now that we have sussed it out so to speak.

People were very helpful, we used the tourist bus and did a tour to see the major sites. Next time we will make more use of the buses and cabs as they are not too pricey.

Let me know how you got on and enjoy your trip!

Rocket xx

Hi All,

Shop around for insurance as I was quoted some major differences!

As stated, the cabs were not too badly priced and there was also a bicycle taxi service we are going to try next time we go.

Get tickets for major attractions before to save waiting in long queues!

I am glad we went as it was an experience and shall look forward to November when we will be going again for a week as are more clued up.

Rocket xx