Walks with a partner with MS.

Hi All,

I hope that you are surviving lockdown 3 as best as possible. Are there any partners of people with PPMS on here? My partner has PPMS and is able to do a couple of circuits of a medium/small sized park, if we go at a steady pace and have rest stops. 

Walking is a central need for me-I don't sleep well or keep my spirits up without a medium sized walk at a quick pace at weekends but I don't want to spend loads of time away from my partner, when I am working all week. I can appreciate that given what so many of you are going through that this might feel like a first world problem, apologies, if it does.

I would really appreciate hearing from any partners of people with PPMS who can give me any tips for maintaining a relationship given the challenges of PPMS, if you have found a way to overcome balancing a need for your own exercise with that of your partner's, please do let me know. We don't live together, which makes time at weekends precious. 

Thanks in advance. 


Hi, would it be possible for you to take a walk at your own pace at a different time?


For every couple of circuits around a small park your partner achieves you might double up and do four circuits. I can’t walk anywhere and my partner and I find it impossible to regulate our travel speeds together when I’m on my mobility scooter or even with the new wheel chair.

We live where the pavements are irregular, narrow or none so I travel on the road to avoid running into other people.

Thank you both so much for taking the time to reply and think of solutions. Pavements are a real nightmare! I have become so aware of uneven surfaces since my partner was diagnosed. Thanks again for the ideas.

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Get a Rollator.

I did and I can rest whenever I want using it. Gives me confidence that I won`t fall. I can keep up with other peoples pace.

Most importatly it does`nt put people off going out with me as they can relax and normality is resumed.

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Thanks Scudger. I have never heard of one of these but it sounds like it could be the solution. Thanks so much.

Atlas Lightweight Rollator

Better and safer than a walking stick or crutches or poles. A real confidence booster…

Plus, people make allowances for you as in giving you more room to manouvre.

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