Trionic veloped walker - PPMS

Hi, if irst time on here, my boyfriend was been diagnosed with ppms last Oct.We his deoendant ve been

together for nearly 3 years when he was diagnosed at 53. He has always been a keen walker

and cyclist , gardener and a manual worker, joiner, van driver etc, Since diagnosis

symptoms include drop foot, fatigue, balance issues.He now walks with a stick to prevent

falls , has now got an orthotic brace on his leg to help the dropped foot.As a manual lone worker, handyman for

housing assoc working full time until Feb this year, never having had a day off , as soon as he was diagnosed he informed them, he was assessed by their occup health consultants and told he was unable to drive any commercial vehicle(he drives a large van daily as part of his job and to and from work. Dvla have said he can drive , but not large vans…,so unable to work alone , unable to carry tools/equipment etc.Unable to climb stairs - in effect unable to do any type of manual , joinery etc , after 27 years - rather a blow, No office based job suitable , due to his fatigue, mobility problems available. So hes now waiting to

see whether early, ill health retirement could be only outcome.

He is coping quite well,hes accepted the diagnosis, he has bought an automatic car (to make it easier for himself), got an indoor cycle to try to maintain what fitness he has and hes taken up doing pilates daily at home, to

improve core strength.He says it is what it is, hes doing what the specialists say , hes teying to keep

mobile.Can push a trolley, but struggles to walk between car and trolley park, Is dependant on

stick to prevent falls, cannot and wont attempt to even walk round the block, which upsets me and

him as we were both keen walkers, now I have to go for a walk on my own :frowning:

Ive seen advertised a Trionic Veloped , outdoor walker, which I think could be a godsend

for him to maintain mobility and mentally would be great fot him to get about with, hes not wanting a “granny walker”,

no offence , but hes 53 and its been hard for him to accept the stick and blue badge etc. Not ready for wheelchair, or madge mobile as he calls them quite yet, but increasingly finding it difficult even on short trips out.,

DOES ANYONE OUT THERE USE A TRIONIC VELOPED?, any reviews or advice on them would

be appreciated,hes sceptical re the cost £600 approx , with his work prospects uncertain etc and currently off longterm sick , and only assessed as minimum PIP mobility level, he doesnt know if it would be helpful, or practical with his fatigue symptoms etc.

I think it could be something to enable him to maintain his fitness and get him out and about as at the moment he is unable to get about .

Thanks and apologies for the length of this post… I just want to help him.

Sorry for such a long

E Sorry for such a long post.

Any ms users of Trionic velopeds , advice or reviews of the off road walkers

would be much appreciated. Have read fab reviews, some ms users on their website.But

He is worried about the cost and whether it would be suitable re fatigue problems.

He lives in a lovely parkland /woodland walks environment on his doorstep, which he

hasnt been able to enjoy his doorstep , he l doesnt feel able to walk round the block and hasnt done for over 12 mths , we both loved to go or a walk, but he cant and I think with this robust and cool piece of equipment it could keep him fit and safe from falls.Would do him mentally and physically good.

Does anyone know if there are any grants available for this type

of equipment ?

l asked on here - last week - about a Veloped- after seeing it in the New Pathways mag. l also looked on YouTube. l use a Tramper scooter to get about the fields and woods with my dogs. lt almost all-terrain - not many places l can’t get to. And is not a little ‘shopping scooter’.

TGA - do a Super Sport three wheeler which is very blokey. Looks like the Harley of all disabled scooters.

Around the house and garden- and l take it in the car to get to places - l have a Topro Olympus Rollator - hopefully not too granny looking - but a valuable piece of kit.

Wish l could have a trial of a Veloped - just to see if l could do more with one.

Pilates is great for us - well everyone. l had one-to-one lessons designed for me personally - which did me a lot of good. Well worth the expense - as now l can combine them with everyday activities.

l have a HealthRider and a Eliptical Trainer - which l can get on for a few mins as often as l like. Even though l cannot walk - safely- unaided - l can work a way on these machines. Looking as if l have nothing wrong with me.

After 33yrs of PPMS - l am still striving for better things. And your boyfriend sounds as if he has just the right attitude to make the most of his new - but different life.

Yes, get one! Here’s a copy of my post 29 March

Walking the dogs again!

I really would like to share my good news, it may help someone else.

My walking is poor, to the extent I haven’t been able to enjoy walking my dogs for a couple of years. It seems to be largely down to balance, fatigue & stiffness. I love being outside, it lifts the spirits.

I sometimes use a standard walker/rollator. But it can’t cope with rough ground. So I bought a Trionic Veloped. Expensive but worth every penny. I walk in my favourite muddy woods regularly. It fits on the back seat of the car, with the dogs in the boot. I must make the most of what I still have.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer.​

I shopped around. Hope this info may help someone else.

Thanks for your speedy replies, most helpful.

He lives in a ground floor apartment, which is ideal for access , but no outdoor space to keep larger equipment,

It would need to fold up and be stored inside.Ive been today to a local disability store, they have the veloped

in their on line catalogue , but not one in stock , they have other stores and are getting one

in for us to look at later this week .They were most helpful.I also mailed Trionic direct and

they have recommended the trionic tour 12r L Size model to suit his needs.

Want to see one to see size /dimensions up and folded, as storage an issue.Also want to see if itl fit in back of my citroen c1 across back seats, and in a his renault scenic easily.

Need it to be practical and easy to put up, down and to put in the car and to store.They also showed me a Roma rollator with seat that was only £84 ! It looked quite sturdy and manly and maybe more practical for his first forays out and about .Il look up the ones you have recommended and we are going to go see what suits him best.

Your stories are really encouraging , and if he can get out and about for even a short walk safely it would be so good for him.

Thanks for your really helpful responces :slight_smile:

Good luck. I take the view to make the most of what you have, even though I’m sometimes a bit OTT.

i do find the Trionic heavy to put my back seat. I put a sturdy waterproof cover over the seats too. It is very well made, knocks the socks off anything else I have seen. I no longer have to think about my balance, concentrating on walking instead & have a rest on the seat whenever needed. It contends with mud, tree roots, kerbs etc.

If you buy from the maker, he will do free returns if you don’t on with it. But when I bought this route was more expensive. I have seen a couple of second hand ones on eBay, but the sellers didn’t respond to my messages. In the end I paid £575.

all we need is some decent weather to enjoy…