Mobility struggles

I wS duagnosed wuth ppms in 2016 a d another condition last year.
Fir about 2 years now iv been unable to walk independently. I can take a few steps using a walker but im unable to trasfer from one foot to the other on my o

I was wondering if anyone had similar mobility issues and what if anythi g was heloful

Thanks christine

Hello Christine,
How are you? I’ve had RRMS since 2000 but this year has been particularly difficult, mobility being one of the struggles.
I’m currently working on my odd toe-heel walking, which should be other way round.
The physiotherapist has given me a few exercises to do each day and I’m starting to see it gradually improving my gait.
Perhaps physiotherapy can also help you with your mobility struggles?
I find doing the exercises little by little, a less is more approach, is actually quite beneficial.
Nice meeting you, all the best,

Hi and thanks for your reply.
It sounds like uour physio sessions are helping you.
Iv had physio with tge ngs but its finished now and not much had changed.

Can i ask you if your physio sessions are wuth the nhs or private.

Thanks christine

Hi Christine,
I’ve been having NHS physiotherapy on and off for quite a number of years now, but it’s only this year that I realised I’ve been doing it all wrong.
Rather than doing too much, too soon and too quickly, you should instead treat it like a marathon and not a sprint; I suppose it’s just like taking medicine.
And do the execises that you feel comfortable doing; I tend to avoid the balance exercises simply because I fall over. Physiotherapist says that’s fine, you don’t want to injure yourself.
Very much hope physio can help you with your mobility struggles.
Best regards,

I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2018, I think it was 2021 I stopped being able to walk at all. I was given a manual wheelchair and now I’m in an electric wheelchair which is helping but transferring from the wheelchair to a toilet or to bed is difficult.

The NHS has discussed giving me a hoist to help with this but I am against that, just like I was with a wheelchair as I know once I start using it, I will just be reliant on it and won’t look back so I’m happy to do it the hard way for now.

I will say to you, the wheelchair has helped me become more independent. With the electric wheelchair, who knew all those years playing on a playstation had some benefits