Traveling to Vancouver any advice

Hello every one I was wondering if any one had any information regarding visiting Vancouver , I have Ppms and use a stick and sometimes a chair/ mobility scooter because of my fatigue and balance problems which as you all know get worse when tired I have made enquiries regarding a wheelchair hire but any other thoughts

Thanks. Steven

Hi Steven and welcome to the board!

Have to say I’ve given up on travelling. Luckily I travelled a lot when younger and pre MS so I’m happy to stay in Blighty now. However lots of people with MS do travel.

I suggest you also post on Everyday Living which has a much bigger group.

One thing people always say… that it’s hell getting around the airport… but you can arrange a wheelchair at airport. I’m sure others will give you more details.

Make sure you come back and tell us how it went.

Pat xx

Tell your travel agent you would like airport assistance. Someone will get you a wheelchair, take you from check in through to departures and on to plane. When you land someone will be there to meet you off the plane and will take you through customs and out of the airport. If you have your own wheelchair they will do the same using your chair, when you get to the plane they store it for you and it will be unloaded ready for use when you land. I believe they also reimburse you if it get damaged.

I have hired a chair which was brought to my hotel when I arrived, I have also taken my own which for me is easier you don’t have to worry whether it arrives or gets picked up in time.

Have a fab time.

Jan x

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Try posting your question on everyday living, because I seem to recall there was someone from Vancouver Island over there and they might be able to help.

Vancouver is a fantastic city and British Columbia is just stunning, so you will have a great time.

just to add ti Jans reply take a copy of your prescription script, makes it easier going through customs especially if it is liquid


Hi, well done you for planning such an exciting trip!

I am making my first foreign trip in September… Barcelona, for 4 days. I am a full time wheelchair user and have booked through Enable Holidays. They have organised airport transfer assistance plus accessible transport to our accommodation.

Good luck!


Hi, my daughter lives near Vancouver and when I visited last year I hired a mobility scooter quite easily. Went round Stanley Park , Provincial parks,etc. marvellous. But do ask for assistance at airports, as it is along way to walk. Have a good time!!

Jackie x

I have only ever travelled on a plane once since needing my scooter and I got airport assistance was loaded on and off via a trolly truck that meant no steps the airport were fantastic. Have a good time. Canada is wonderful ENJOY IT.