need a rant or ill blow

im sorry but im gettin close to blowing my top and putting by brother in hospital, he keeps digging at me to get a full time job or any job and expect me to look after mum n dad n try to cope with my own problems n health at the same time, i ended up breaking down at mum n dads today and telling them what hes doing, he knows i have alot of mental health problems aswell as health problems and my temper is getting worse coz of all the stress, had to go to court on thursday as a witness and i ended up leaving shaking and in tears so that has made things worse now, dad is having a word with him but i know when he does he will act nice for a few weeks but then be a a sshole again, ive tried telling him what hes doing and all i get is…what you going to do about it? GET A BLOODY JOB, id love to work but i cant coz my health is out of control at the moment and i have to drop everything when mum needs to go to hospital if dad is too ill to go with her, im finding it so hard to cope at the moment without him, ive even stopped going round to mum n dads when hes there to cut down the stress, but then i cant see my nieces n nephew, so its not fair on me or them, i told mum n dad that i dont go round when hes there coz last time i had my fists ready to knock him out, the only thing that stopped me is the kids were there. im sorry to rant here but if i don’t get it out i will blow my top and the first person i’ll go for is my brother and i will send him for a trip to hospital

if he carrys on i will, it’ll be worth it even if i do get arrested for assult for it. everyone else is ok with me, its still just my ahole of a brother

its ok, atossers will get the same treatment, they think im mentally sane? they have no idea of the nutcase ive become

oooeerr! That bad brother better watch out. I wouldnt hit him tho, he`s not worth getting a criminal record or time in jail for. Can you talk to his wife/girl friend about seeing the kids without him being there?

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