Rant about famil


Sorry need to rant , please feel free to ignore

I have a very secretive family , my sister is the worse and by keeping these secrets so is my mum .

It’s not even important things , it’s stupid things like her 34yr old son getting a job , something that’s a good thing .

I don’t really need the stress but am very close to saying something, which will result in my sister crying and mum making excuses for her .

Rant over :joy::joy:

Oh hell, sorry, sometimes I get over stressed about family things and friend things, I’m the 1 getting worked up not them, my hubby says “ignore them, you’re the 1 upset” so now I try my best to do that, so come on, concentrate on you, to keep yourself well, you are the priority, chin up.

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Families eh? Who’d’ave 'em? We would.