Neck pain an headache on waking up

Hi Everyone,

I have RRMS, for quite a lot of months now, i wake up with a headache the pain is on the top of my head, also alot of the time neck pain. Neurologist said get tested for sleep apnea. I spoke to the doctor and as i dont fall asleep, he dosent think its sleep apnea. Could my neck be causing the pain ???
I just feel awful on waking, and sometimes the headache wakes me up. I have recently had a head mri ? Once i am up, the headache usually goes.

Does anyone get this pain, or know what it could be, or any advice on what i can do ?

Thankyou x

Have you tried different pillows? It maybe that your head needs extra support these days. I had to change to an orthopaedic pillow, one of the contour ones. It is much firmer, and no longer does my chin drop and put strain on my neck.

I tried to recommend a pillow but got moderated! :angry: Must have looked too much like a blatant plug, but I’m a satisfied customer for over 25 years (not still using the original one, I hasten to add!).

A contoured pillow supports the head, neck and shoulders in the right places, and can work whether you’re on your back or side. With the parts of the body properly supported, your airway is less restricted. A good pillow may be the difference between better sleep and having the whole palaver of sleep apnoea. At the least, it may buy you some time.

Message me and I’ll let you know the name of the pillow I tried to recommend.

I nearly mentioned the name of the pillow I use, but had a feeling it might get moderated!

Hi can you send the pillow recommendation please. I’m also struggling with neck pain and headaches although I am a side sleeper not back

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