Neck and head pain

Hi, I have rrms. Every morning I wake up with neck and pain on the top of my head. I have a memory foam pillow, but still wake up with pain. Does anyone experience this pain ? Any suggestions what I could do to help relieve the pain ? Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi do you have a profiling bed? Maybe raising bed head end if not. Posture for neck…maybe referred pain from neck to head. Dunno really…hope someone else has better idea.xx

I have awful neck pain that results in me being woken up with a bad headache and feeling sick every morning- I also had a memory foam pillow that I used to love. Now I have no pillow just a soft blanket. Pain hasn’t gone but it has helped, especially with being woken by headaches that part is a lot better. Physio was surprised when I told him that nothing is better but there you go!

I also spend half my life laying on the floor… more when I realise I can’t get up again! :wink:

So are you lying flat when in bed? I`m not sure that is good or not?