Neck and shoulder pain and headache

Hi everyone,

I have RRMS, diagnosed since 2010.
When i sleep,.i wake up with headache and neck ache. I am also getting neck pain during the day i get pains all in my back, and shoulder I also get dizzeness. I havent got sleep apnea. I have been given some exercises for my neck. I have tried pillows. I just feel like i ache all over. Does anyone have these pains, any advise please? As.this is happening everyday.

Thankyou x

It sounds like you have already sought advice from your GP and possibly a physio, so obviously doing the right thing. I would only add that putting ice on the affected area can help reduce inflammation and might be worth trying.

My GP uses this site for repeat prescriptions and offers general advice.

Neck Pain | Causes and Treatment | Patient

Hi there, I get a lot of headaches and neck pain, like you I do regular exercises which definitely helps, I also use heat a lot. I’ve got various things that go in the microwave and I find it does relieve the pain. Hope you find something that works for you