Morning everyone, hope your all as good as you can be, haven’t been on for a while, just wondered if anyone can help with this, I have SPMS, one of my symptoms is spasticity for which I take Baclofen, 60mg a day, over the last couple of days I’ve had pain/stiffness at the base of my head, plus going up into my head at both sides, NO headache, it’s painful trying to move my head, or if I try to bend it to look down, as far as I’m aware I haven’t pulled or jarred anything, also about a month ago I went for an Indian head massage, the girl that does it told me she could feel stiffness in my neck and skull, could this be spasticity, does anyone else get this, thanks in advance. Jean x

Hi, as a fellow Spms I get all sorts of wierd pains and stiffness and I also take Baclofen for spasticity, daft question I`m sure but have tried Paracetamol or Ibuprofen to see if this helps.

Hi, thanks for your reply, yes I tried paracetamol yesterday, no joy, I’m really hoping this massage will do the trick.

jennieb, I have experience the same wired pain, stiffness and headache. I also tooked Baclofen and Paeacetamol which effected me but took a lot of time. Meditation is an alternative way to deal with problem.