Natwest travel insurance

Does anyone pay extra for Natwests platinum account and if you do, do they cover for MS on the travel insurance? :slight_smile:

I have another bank’s equivalent and we have to pay a small premium for my hubby so I would guess the same applies to me for the MS. XX

I do. It was £80 to have my MS covered. It’s worth it as I can’t get the same level of cover elsewhere for £80 for the whole family, but I’d shop about if I were you.

Karen x

Thanks for this :slight_smile: I’m already paying for the account so I was hoping it’d be quite easy / cheap :slight_smile:

Banks and cheap are not two words that go in the one sentence !! Xx

I have NatWest insurance. You have to pay a premium for MS. Last time I tried to use it I was going with my grown up daughter (not included as family) To pay for her plus the premium for me was more expensive than I could get elsewhere so as Karen says, shop around.


I have just booked insurance through Goodtogo. As well as MS I also have a blood disorder and they have covered both for £58. Happy Hols Sonia x

Oooh I’ve just had a look at Goodtogo and it’s quite good! :slight_smile: Thanks for that x