Narrow wheelchair

I am due to go on a canal holiday with extended family in July. I am a lot worse than when it was booked and now use a wheelchair full time. I know that I can be bodily lifted on and off the boat if necessary but I am worried about moving within the boat, from bed to toilet to table. Does anyone have ideas of a narrow wheelchair (boats have about 20 inches width on corridor) or anything that could help please? I am getting really concerned and thinking I shouldnt go. Thanks

Perhaps a travel wheelchair would do the job. They are used on planes, so why not boats?
It might be worth asking the boat rental people if one can be arranged.

Enjoy a lovely holiday.

Hi there,
You can rent travel wheelchairs but it might be cheaper to buy second hand. I just searched for you on eBay.

There is one for sale here.

It’s 20 inch seat
£75 plus delivery

Have a great holiday it’s really important!

As Ebay do not actually sell the goods, you need to check if you have to pay return costs if not suitable. It’s also possible to get a grant towards a wheelchair from either your local branch or from Head Office irrespective of whether you are a member of the MS Society or not.

Also, the wheelchair is in an auction with starting bid of £75, it could finish up selling for more. Having had manual chairs for 20 years and now an electric wheelchair for 6 years. The photo’s make it look only worth £75 or less.