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Hi, at the weekend, my future son in law, my daughter and hubby and me were discussing the troubles of my youngest lass, who has recently split form her adulterous husband and is currently wading therough all the s...that goes with getting divorced. I was saying what she has done so far, solicitor`s advice and stuff, when this future s- i- l, said I was looking at things too lightly and he was pointing out the pitfalls when solicitors want to rush a case thru, without getting the conditions quite right, for their client.

So he said to me, `Pauline, you know this nicey nice world you live in, can I live there too?`

Taken aback I replied, `yes, but you`ve got to be crippled like me, to know what it`s really like.` There was no reply.

The more i think about it the more irate I get at being spoken to in such a manner. Future s-i-l is not my fav person just now.

luv Pollx

Poll, with a past like that, is it unreasonable that he should see the darker side of life?  Obviously we don't know him but from what you've said I wouldn't blame him. I didn't read it that he was talking about your condition, but about the solicitors.  They can be a nightmare with divorce, you have to keep on top of things and believe me, there are many pitfalls.

I hope things go smoothly for your daughter.



Hi Poll,

            What a strange thing for the s.i.l. to say this. It seems as if he can't have been listening properly.

                     Take care,


Obviously a complete nit. For one thing he's calling you Pauline when we all know that your name is Poll. scaredte he...

Completely ignore the comment. He must live in a dark place where everything is expected to go wrong. Poor thing. sad (lol)

Pat x


Yes, hes had a really bad past, where his mum dumped him age 2! Then foster parents abused him, his first wife did the dirty and his step daughter wasnt allowed to see him because he got together with my daughter!

we can sure pick `em in our family! Just hope he never has a brain burst!

luv Pollx

Hi Moira, yeh, read what I told Pat about him.

luv Poll

Sorry Poll, don't know what happened with this post - it went to the last page.

yeh, appen I was a tad over sensitive. But more things were said, so how can anyone know how I felt about his comments. Perhaps I wish Id never posted the subject now.

luv Pollx

Absolutely agree with you Poll, as I said, we don’t know him. And we weren’t there so can only go on the bit you told us. That’s thre trouble with message boards!!

All the best xx