my tribe

other people with ms are my tribe.

they are going to make my weight soar.

tomorrow it’s our monthly meet at the harvester.

4th december the ms society christmas meal.

14th december BNV (a neuro physio group) are having their christmas meal.

bring it on!

kaftans if needed.

Classified Ads

Models wanted for Tribal Tattoos

Celtic. Maori. Aztec. Eagles. Butterflies. Cats

Durer Tattoo Parlour

Phone now.

Don’t forget the 8th, it will be the best of the lot

anthony, i’d like a cat tat please.

sarah, what’s happening on the 8th

8th December virtually party 7pm, but I have not checked with the moderator so I hope it’s ok.

oh that one i knew about but hadn’t put it in my diary!

that will be the booziest