my tribe

well, it’s that time again.

the first sunday of the month which is when i meet up with a facebook group of people with ms.

at first it was just the ladies because it developed from ladies with lesions.

it’s surprises me to realise just how many people in my local area have ms.

we meet at the local harvester which is close to junction 6 of the M61.

i think of them along with you lot as my tribe.

so if anyone asks where i am, tell them i’ve gone tribal again.

i think it’s me and 3 others today.

we have had as many as 15 and on one occasion just one plus me.

it’s still worth it though.

if anybody is longing to meet with others, try forming a facebook group.

if you live within easy access of junction 6 come along.

we meet at 12.00 noon, although we all understand that the nature of the beast that is ms can mean people drop out at the last minute.

every first sunday of the month.

just ask for carole’s group.

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Ha Ha,sometimes as few as 2 but always you! good on ya!

Carole also has a Chapter in Surrey. We’re meeting, tomorrow night, at the Barley Mow, Pike’s Hill, Epsom at 8pm. Join the tribe. We’re more fun than bubble wrap.

anthony surrey is a little too far for my taxi budget! when i win the lottery it’s a definite.

It’s a date!

just need that lottery win!

We do a ladies wot lunch.

There are 6 of us with MS and strokes who dine at a local pub.

We burst through our beasts and scream with laughter.


sounds good steve