My Sister

My Sisters across for a couple of days . Ever since losing my carer my sister June had been coming across on the train every fortnight and staying for a couple of days. She’s brilliant , she’s two years older than me and always makes sure I’m okay . I really love her there’s nothing like having family who care about you. She organizes us all does the washing and catches up on the ironing and completely bottoms Mollys room . She makes the most gorgeous cakes . The children love her coming but also know that they in for a lecture if they dare to leave dirty pots in there bedrooms or leave washing thrown on the bathroom floor . It’s funny how they take advantage of me their mum but listen to aunty June. Michelle and Frazer xx


Hi Michelle

There is nothing that beats love and support, it’s amazing the difference it can make, so I am glad your sister is able to help.

Pam x

That’s one wonderful sister you have there Michelle,i haven’t seen my sister in 3 years lol.

J x

Ahh Michelle how wonderful! I have a really lovely step sister but she lives in America so I sadly don’t get to see her but we often spend Sunday morning on FaceTime. Hope you are as well as you can be, Take care of yourself, With love Nina x