sister (not ms)

hiya folks

i am the eldest of 5, my sister the youngest with 3 boys in between.

we are scattered all over the place and only twice in the past 15 years have we all been in same place at same time!

yesterday for the first time ever i spent just over 4 hours with my sis! distance, work and kids are all factors.

yesterday mum kept my sisters 2 young kids-mine are old enough to be left for a few hours-and we shared some time together.

roll in local cafe, one drink in pub and one bet at bookies-just because we could!

theres some things money cant buy!

ellie (happy tears!)


Hi Ellie

Thank you so much for sharing, very much appreciated.


Oh how lovely!

I have 2 sisters and see them maybe every few weeks.

As we get older and illnesses or circumstances cause concern, we put away any differences and meet up.

I am 65 in October, Sheila is 69 next month and Chris went 70 this month.

As you know, I`m disabled, but Sheila recently had a serious spinal operation. She is recovering slowly and in pain a lot. Chris, the eldest, is the fittest of us all!

Family is family and VERY important.

I`m so pleased you enjoyed this very precious time with your sis!


Hi Ellie

That’s fab!! Glad you had a chance to catch up as Poll has already said family is so important , here’s wishing for many more lovely days together … it’ll be Benidorm next :wink: *winks

Did you win your bet?? x

hiya fb

nah-lost my £2. i picked a name i liked so prob not best way but heyho we were childfree!

e x