I’m starting to suspect my sister might have MS. I think she’s starting to suspect it too.

She’s had a pituitary tumour (prolactinoma) for years, which she thought was the cause of all her problems. Before Christmas, she had it surgically removed. She’s been able to come off all the drugs relating to that, and her hormone levels have rapidly returned to normal. However, she’s disappointed that, whilst some symptoms have improved dramatically, she’s not feeling very much better overall - especially the fatigue.

It’s looking as if the tumour may have been a red herring, masking something else. Recently her vitamin D was tested, and she was found to be deficient, so was put on a super high dose of those. Now she’s been referred for rheumatology screening (blood tests), which is right where I started off, several years before being Dx’ed with MS (Rheumatology all came back clear, of course). On top of that, my nephew (one of her sons) who’s already been diagnosed with joint hypermobility syndrome, has now developed nodules on his collar bone, and has to have an X-ray. Nephew 2 is also being investigated for vitamin D deficiency, due to stunted growth.

I’m starting to think there is something in the family that’s wrong with the whole lot of us. :frowning:

We never had health problems as kids - Mum or Dad either. I’m wondering how we’ve all ended up so sickly.


Hi Tina, I’m so sorry your all sick :-(. I often think there is something in my family as my Dad has a very bad back and bad migraines and his limbs will freeze up but my he wont even entertain having tests. I hope you get some answers hunni Krissy xx

So sorry to hear about your sister, let’s pray that it is not ms. I feel your pain Tina and your sisters. Take care and do keep us updated. Janet x

Sorry to hear that, Tina

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your sister and nephews don’t have anything seriously wrong. That would just be too unfair to have so much illness in one family.

We have some hypermobility in our family too but not any pain with it. I have to take care at yoga with some of my joints especially my elbows which according to my brothers ‘bend the wrong way’! My niece is even more bendy than me but, again, she has no pain.

Tracey x

I’m making my daughter take multivitamins (she refuses the vitD spray) as I’ve got MS and so did her paternal grandma. Bit of a worry - I’d hate her to get it too

Thanks all, just keeping it quick, as packing for a brief stop away from home with Mum & bro’ (but not Sis).

I learnt after I was dx’ed that it was already in the family, albeit quite a distant relative (grandmother’s sister). We come from a bunch that never had a day off school or work! Now everything’s gone to pot for everyone, in just a few years. Dad got ill and died, and nobody else ever been right since. Not that I’m suggesting it’s connected, but all seems to have gone downhill since then. He died leaving a “healthy” family - now none of us well. Apart from my bro’, who still seems OK, touch wood. But even he seems to get a lot of aches and pains that aren’t exactly normal for someone who’s not yet 40. And he’s not one to make a fuss, so if he’s mentioning it at all, it’s not trivial.