firstly sorry to go anon, I put a post on here a while ago about the fact that my sister may have MS, she has been to her GP today for blood test results all come back clear, she saw a Neuro privately, he wasn’t going down that road, he thought it could be her heart, although he did say from the neck up he could understand why she thought it could be MS, anyway today her GP has given her a copy of the MRI report and a copy letter from the Neuro, he clearly says that there is demyelination on the brain scan, but because of her history he didn’t think it was MS, her symptoms are, bad headaches, bad eye pain, in the eye and behind, can’t empty her bowel on her own, pins and needles in her arm, high fatigue, what do you think, I myself have MS, just need to know what other’s think, Anon

Hi Annon,

My opion on this,sorry to say but i think most of her symptoms are MS.

Can she not ask for a second opinion on this,hopefully on the NHS,it may help rather than going private.

Who diagnosed you,is it possible that she can see your Nurro.

Hope you and your sister manage to work it out.

Take Care.


thanks for you’re reply, the Neuro has said that if her symptoms continue he would see her again and call for another scan to see if there is any more demyelination showing, the Neuro I saw in the beginning wasn’t that good, as in not good bed side manner, and she isn’t as strong as me, not just me saying that, other family members think the same, I just hope to god she hasn’t got this, thanks again, Anon

Hi Sorry it does sound like MS - ask your sister to pursue a second opinion. Has she had a lumber puncture as this might help with the diagnosis? My sister has MS and I have it so it can happen (unfortunately others in my family have it too as it can be familial).

I hope your sister manages to get some answers or at least manages to get something to ease her symptoms. Getting a diagnosis can be a long drawn out job even when symptoms are there (my daughter is undergoing tests and has a lowered blood count, suffers with exteme fatigue and has heavy legs). Sometimes actually getting the diagnosis helps in coping with it, so a second opinion might help your sister.

((((Hugs)))) Mary

I think the holy threesome for a diagnosis of MS was

  1. Lumbar puncture

2.Visual Evoked Response

  1. MRI

This may have changed in 11 years,but it may be worth investigating.

Good luck to you and your sister, Wb

thank you so much for you’re replies, and yes Wb you’re right that’s what I had to go through, I think in my sister’s case they are going to go through a different route just to get to the same place, she goes next week for a heart test, why I don’t know, then they are going to look at her bowel, and we all understand she is getting to the end of her rope, thanks again, Anon x

One possibility that seems to fit is Hughes Syndrome. This can cause lesions but the main difference between MS and HS is that HS causes very bad headaches.


If it does prove to be HS it is controllable often bringing the person back to normal health.


Oh thanks for that George, I’ll take a look at that, Anon

Has she been tested for Devic’s disease ?it’s very similar to MS I think


no Chris, she’s still in the early stages of testing, I’ve told her no matter what this turns out to be you’ve a long way to go, thaks again, Anon