Worried Daughter

My wife has had MS for 25 years and has been in a wheelchair for at least 15 of those. Our greatest fear is that one of our 2 children get it and our 26 year old daughter advises me today that she is suffering from increased pins and needles/ numbness in her hands and feet. When she first advised us 4 months ago she went to her GP who told her to pay close attention to her eyesight and come back if there were any issues.

My wife and I are pretty MS’ed out as she needs a huge amount of help, most of which I provide so we’re not really up to date with current research , diagnosis techniques etc. She has lost interest and I’m weary having also been involved with the local Branch and Region for many many years.

I have advised my daughter to go back to her GP with the worsening conditions and ask for an MRI. Did I do the right thing and any other help/suggestions would be much appreciated.



given your wife’s ms, i should imagine that your gp would be aware of your daughter’s worries.

hopefully she will be referred to a neurologist and be given a MRI.

it’s a good idea for your daughter to keep a symptom diary - when a symptom began, when/if it stopped.

no matter how strange it sounds when you try to describe how the symptoms feel, e.g. hot water on my legs when they are dry, the neuro should be aware of the weird things our central nervous system can cause.

i’m concerned about your own well being. ms seems to be taking over your world.

look after yourself because without you there to help, your wife and daughter will struggle.

if you don’t get many replies - try posting on the everyday living board because that one is much busier.

take care

carole x

Hi staywarm

I can feel your tiredness and low energy through your writing. Like Carole mentions, do look after yourself because in many cases it can be the carer who burns out first. Are you getting enough support and help?

Yes, you have done the right thing advising your daughter to see her gp. I hope it is nothing to worry about but understand why you are.

What do you enjoy in your free time? What chills you out?

Take care

Noreen xx