daughter possibly has MS, do I mention to her my suspicions?

My daughter mentioned to me the other day, that when she was really tired, she had had foot drop and may have broken her toes.

She also has psoriasis, which may be slightly related to MS.

I have MS, my mum and my mum’s sister also had MS.

should I mention anything to her or am I being neurotic.

she is 23, I was 26 when I was diagnosed.

Hi Emma,

Sorry about your families diagnosis. If I suspected one of my daughters had MS then I don’t think I would tell them.

I’d just keep an eye on them and send then to the Dr if the symptoms get any worse.

I hope your daughter hasn’t got MS symptonms, haven’t heard of psoriasis being MS related

Keep well,


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I don’t think I’d say anything either…if she’s worried, she’ll talk to a GP who might refer her if he’s suspicious.

In the circumstances, I don’t see any harm in suggesting she gets her symptoms checked out by her GP, with a view to arranging a Neuro appointment. This is because all the evidence points towards the earlier treatment is given, the better the long term outcome.


So sorry to hear this. I agree with Whammel. She could receive treatment if she wanted to. I suspect she will be thinking of the family history. She may not want to bother you? Good luck and keep us informed. Anne x

Hi Emma after an appointment with my neurologist doctor yesterday we was chatting about ms and family members having ms because I was worried about my children having ms too , the chances are higher for our children to get ms but because we have it ourselves , it doesn’t one hundred percent mean the children get it so please have hope and hopeful luck will be on her side , but I strongly believe for your daughter to seek medical advice good luck and good health to you both subzero

Hi i have 2 girls one 48 and one 46. both had odd things going on sort of before i blew up. they turned out to be M.E. and the other one a genetic fault in her neck in 2 discs.

However, FOOT DROP is a sign of another disease. so for me that would be the reason why I would encourage her to see her GP without mentioned MS.

You dont just get foot drop.

I really would encourage her to have it checked out, let the GP deal with it. If it turns out to be MS like others have said better to deal with it early and let it develop.

Psoriasis can be caused through many things.

You do have a lot of links with MS, so for me if that was my daughter who had foot drop i would get her checked out without alarming her. xxxxx

Hi, what about her toes…as she had an xray? Hoe they aren’t broken. I think with so much MS in the family, I would want her to get checked out. If it isn’t MS then hallelujah! But if it is and DMDs are helpful, the surely it is better to slow down any progression? xx

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Personally I wouldn’t mention it to her and take out critical care insurance just in case before reporting any symptoms to her gp. Is such a hard decision and I situation I pray I am never in. Hopefully totally unrelated. Good luck in your decision xx

I’m on the side of those urging care. When my boy started showing signs of Lupus, I convinced him to see a doctor. It turns out that he’d already considered all the possible diagnoses but just hadn’t wanted to worry me. He’s still undergoing tests (he has several markers for Lupus, but not enough), but hopefully he’ll get a diagnosis long before I did and get some actual treatment for whatever it turns out to be.

a difficult one - I know of someone who had many m.s. symptoms over a number of years but the doctor fobbed her off.

Then she was dx’d with spms and told there was no treatment.

Loola makes agood point about Critical Illness Cover although I’m not sure if they ask if any relatives have m.s. before someone is accepted.

Thanks, everyone for your comments.

I have spoken to her about my concerns, and she seems happy that there is nothing to worry about. ( she may just be shielding me. )

but I’m happy that she is sensible enough, to be vigilant and get tested, as she feel the need.

we have had a lot of general conversations about treatment being better now and the long term outcomes are better with newly diagnosed, than when I was diagnosed.

Hopefully, she will be MS free but if not, we will cross that bridge …

Thanks everyone

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