Hi everyone, sorry for going Anon, I myself was DX with MS 5.5yrs ago aged 47, now my sister who is now 56 is showing signs, and I feel really upset and sorry for her, she is getting really bad headaches all the time, her GP has given her meds for migraine, now my sister has been told by another doctor that if she has never had these when she was younger then she would not go on to get them now, she’s getting bad eye pain, they water all the time causing blurred vision, she had blurred vision without the watering, her left side feels weaker than the right, her fatigue is right up there, she says she feels weak all the time, and a bit unsteady, I can relate to these things, this other doctor has said if it was him she was under he would send her for an MRI, she goes back to her own GP on Thursday, she is going to ask to be referred, I just hope and pray she hasn’t got MS, as I and my other sister don’t think she will cope how I have, thanks for listening, Anon x

Ask her GP to do a blood test for aPL Antibodies; could be Hughes Syndrome. This causes bad headaches and is very often mistaken for MS.



thanks for that George, I will be speaking to her later and I’ll mention this, cheers anon

thanks for that Mel, yes it is hard, I don’t want to think that my sister may have to go through what I do, I love her very much and it just cracks me up, thanks again, love Anon, x