Not MS - lupus and fatigue/mania?

Long story, but my sister hasn’t been feeling well for years, and it was all attributed to a pituitary tumour, which she had surgically removed at the end of last year.

Although some symptoms improved almost immediately, most didn’t, so she is still under investigation, with the pituitary tumour now ruled out as the cause.

She was found to be severely deficient in Vitamin D, and prescribed a high dose of that.

She is complaining of extreme fatigue, but at the same time seems kind of manic - very impulsive, and taking on more things than her current level of health allows her to cope with.

She’s recently had further blood tests - rheumatology screening, I believe - and has been told something came back abnormal, but we’ve no idea what yet (but if it shows in the blood, obviously not MS, so at least that’s one positive thing).

When I Google (I know, I know, I keep telling others not to), fatigue, mania and abnormal bloods keep coming up with lupus!

I know we have several MSers here with lupus too, and also that lupus is more common in families where MS is present.

Just wondered if anyone has experience (themselves or a relative) of fatigue AND mania-like symptoms in the context of lupus, and whether this sounds at all likely?

I know it sounds really contradictory to say someone’s both fatigued and manic, but that’s how she seems.