Ms and lupus ??

Hiya everyone . Hope your all having good day . My nurse told me that test confirmed lupus . I seeing my neuro Tuesday next week . Hopefully he will help me more . I was dx last year or year before with ms . I’m very confused as the result said lupus . Can u have it as well as ms ? Or mistake and its lupus ? Confused . Com Anyone got any ideas ? Feeling very dizzy lately , objects moving and I’m not lol Without wine lol

Hello there Minder,that is all very confusing and I have no answer for you,but I reckon somebody on here will be able to explain things for you.My mother was diagnosed with Lupus 25 years ago,it was never particularly severe and has been in complete remission for nine years.She’ll be 73 in september,and I’ve been diagnosed 12 years.Both things are Autoimmune,she’s half Oirish,so something happening in the Celtic Gene Pool?

Hold tight and you’ll get your answer soon,


Thank you so much xxxxx.

Where you tested for Lupus during your MS diagnosis? I think in the majority of cases Lupus tends to effect spinal cord and not brain, so when people have a spinal lesion and no brain lesions then they are often tested for Lupus. Before MRIs people with Lupus were often diagnosed with MS.

Moyna x

Hi Minder, Lupus can indeed resemble MS in terms of symptoms - which is why it is usually (always??) tested-for as part of MS investigations. I don’t know if you were also tested then, but clear, meaning evidence has only manifested itself more recently? It IS possible to have both - in fact, overall, I think peeps with MS have a higher statistical chance of other auto-immune conditions, which lupus also is. However, you could also be looking at the possibility there’s been a misdiagnosis. I’d say the latter is pretty rare, though, and you must have had fairly “classic” evidence of MS, for lupus to have been ruled out in the first place. Obviously, though, it’s something you’ll want clear answers to, and I think you can only get those directly from your doctor or consultants. It’s not something we’ll be able to work out for you on a forum. Sorry, Tina x