Morning all! Hope it’s not too miserable where you all are. I have a quick question if possible. I haven’t yet got a diagnosis, but, after months of feeling dreadful, drained, tremors, weakness, loss of balance, to name but a few, I have started to feel more normal again. I seem to have got more energy to do things I want to do. So my question is about fatigue. Is it normal to come and go? Or if it is MS I have, would I have fatigue all the time? Thanks x

Hi, I’m awaiting diagnosis too. I believe it is normal to fluctuate. That’s certainly what I’m experiencing. There is a section on this site about fatigue, probably best to start there. All the best. May you find some answers soon.

Hi, thanks for that. Funnily enough, while you were probably writing, I was just reading the part on fatigue, and it does fluctuate, you are absolutely right, apparently from hour to hour, day to day and week to week. Thankyou for your input x

You’re welcome! I had a comparatively busy day yesterday and have come back from the school run only to hit the wall of fatigue. It feels a bit lazy to stop and rest sometimes (especially being a busy, work from home mum) but I’m learning to pace myself. Rest when I first feel I need to then I get small jobs done later. If I try and do too much, it takes so much longer to recover. I’m lucky enough to be in a position where I can (just) afford to do this. I’ve been in the situation years ago where I was employed and occasionally got hit by fatigue but didn’t do anything about it until I was forced into it by my body becoming physically ill. I’m now wondering when whatever-it-is I’m experiencing now actually started. Even if you feel more normal at the moment, take things easy :wink:

I think I will be having a lie down this afternoon if I can get one, as I am feeling a tad washed out. Feel like I am on the verge of a crash…normality never lasts, this has become the new normal, and ‘no fatigue’ is a welcome bonus lol.

Yeah I get bad fatigue but mine comes and goes although it is worse towards the end of the week where I spend most of my time sleeping in preparation for another week in work A

I have chronic fatigue at the moment and if I over exert myself I am dead for the next two days. Dead meaning that I’ll sleep 12+ hours a day. It’s one of the main symptoms I have and for myself I start out the day feeling great and it gets worse. I need at least 2-3 hour nap each day just to get by until the evening when I can get a good 10 hour sleep. I think the most frustrating bit, is when people are like, oh you’re just tired. It feels so much more than that for me.

I find that taking complex vitamin B has helped me. Been on it for 2 months and have noticed a slight difference. But vitamins can take 3-6 months to take full effect. Fingers crossed it’ll help me some more.

Tsuki xx

I am not diagnosed but… i can feel great some times and not great at other times. I have no problem getting up in the morning (apart from the usual mobility issues) & i am always out of bed by 6.45am. Having a shower and getting dressed is exhausting, followed by taking my 7 year old son to school. It is only 10 minutes away by car each way and 10 minute walk from car to school and back but by the time i arrive home, i feel like i have been labouring on a building site!!! I struggle lifting the pushchair in and out of the car for the baby and he is getting heavier by the minute so i am struggling to lift him in and out too. then i have a rest and i find a bit more energy for a small chore at home then i will be wiped out again. for me, it definitely comes and goes!!

Thanks everyone for all your input! I guess it is different for everyone, but snippets of what everyone says seems to occur at different points for me. I guess only time will tell if it’s due to MS or not x