I’m sorry I keep posting on here! My MS nurse appointment is in two weeks so hopefully she can help but until then I might be a pain.

So fatigue, will this happen anyway even if you haven’t done much or is it a consequence of over doing it one day.

Some days I’m completely wiped out and cannot even walk for long without complete exhaustion and heavy limbs. And then the next day I’m back to my normal energetic self and then I whizz around doing quite a lot of physical activities. The next day I’m ok.

Should I pace myself or just go with the flow?

thanks again

Just realised I should be posting this in everyday living. Sorry

it doesn’t matter where you post.

pacing yourself is a good idea.

you don’t have to avoid physical activities, just be aware that the price has to be paid.

i remember whizzing around!

just my mind whizzing these days, at least it gives my legs a rest.

doesn’t help with sleep though.