my MS nurse is coming here tomorrow to show me how to inject

just got a phonecall off ms nurse shes coming tomorrow at 9am to show me how to inject

Good luck

The nurse that came when I started rebif was very kind and didn’t rush me at all - she just gave me the confidence I needed and off I went

Hope it goes well. I remember feeling tremendously pleased with myself when I found (against all expectation) that it was not too bad at all. Good luck.



My nurse was very patient, allowed me plenty of time to practice with ‘dummy’ runs and was most reasuring. When I did inject the actual me it was so simple I was a bit embarrased at the fuss my brain had made over such a simple act!!


My ms nurse was great with this, explained everything and answered all my questions, i was so nervous about injecting but it was fine. Alot easier than i expected.

Good luck xx