Training is nurse is arriving in an hour....

So the copaxone nurse is arriving in an hour. I cannot stop crying.

I thought I was doing ok, but this might actually be too much. Who wakes up crying for god sake?! Feel like I’m going mental!

MS; you better get easier to deal with over time.

Sorry, this posted twice. I’m not sure how to delete the other one?


I think when the nurse gets there and you have a chat, you will find it easier to deal with. She will probably be used to dealing with patients in a distressed state at the thought of doing their first injection.

I remember when I did my first Rebif injection, I did a few practice ones first on some ‘fake’ skin and then I just wanted to get it over and done with. After I had injected I thought ‘was that it?’ as it was the slightest of stings and it was over so quickly. Yes, it does get easier to deal with, I’ve been doing it for 3.5 years now and I used to make a big drama out of getting all the kit out and now it’s just as routine as brushing my teeth!

I hope it all goes well for you. Come back in a couple of hours and let us know …

Tracey xx

Thanks elmo. I know you’re right, just can’t seem to get my head round it lately.

I am the strong one, always in life, in all situations. But this seems to have totally knocked me for 6.

I am having a terrible time at work, MS diagnosis, my relationship ended just after major relapse, and now medication…all in 12 weeks. It’s just too much all at once.

It’s hard when you’re the ‘helper’ to everybody, but they don’t really ‘help’ in return when you’re in trouble. I’m guessing nobody around me knows how to help with the MS, but they could sure be trying to help with the boyfriend heartache surely? Meh. I’ve had my fill of 2013 already; it must be time for something nice to happen?! At least the sun has come out finally I suppose!

Thank you - always helps to know someone read the rant!!xxx

Hi Shulla Try not to worry too much I know it’s easier said than done. Im no longer on Beta- interferon but I know when I first started it I was very much the same, I couldnt even do the injections myself and that was using a rebiject pen, so I feel for you. I’m sure your nurse will help you through this. I also get where your coming from with regards to been the helper to everyone yet you get no help in return :frowning: I think it is that people cant see our symptoms & what we have to deal with therefore we must be ok!! Sending you (((((hugs))))) try & stay positive and if nothing else the meds will help keep the relapses at bay. Sue x

Hallo hunny.

I haven`t had any med which needs injecting on a regular basis, but I know how many folk here feel so much better, when they get their meds sorted.

I think I do understand the feelings of panic, when you have to cope with more adjustments. My home looks more like a clinic and i hated that , but now I know all this equipment makes my life easier and safer than it would be otherwise.

By now, the nurse will have been and I hope she has eased your feelings. if it helps to rant on here, then by all means do so.

luv Pollx

Hi Shulla,

Sorry to hear things haven’t been great for you recently but I hope you got on ok with the copaxone nurse. I started on this last September and remember that when the nurse came to show me how to inject it I burst into tears and I had already been used to injecting with rebif. The injecting every day is now routine for me.

Take care


Bless you. It does you good to have a rant now and then.

Your emotions can be so up and down…i often find myself blubbing for what must seem like no reason at all…but I think sometimes that fact that I have this disease just gets the better of me!! I met with my M.S nurse last week to discuss drugs and injecting…(she even injected herself…twice to show me that it wasn’t that bad) and I suppose I am lucky as I have not had a major relapse as yet and am feeling o.k so have decided not to start drugs…as yet.

My employers (who have been really very bad to me in the past…about sick days i’ve had off!!!) have been supportive. They have arranged for me to work 3 days a week while i adjust to life with M.S. Would your work be able to do something like that…may take some of the pressure off you for a while,just while you are trying to deal with everything else…i got signed off by my G.P for a while…so maybe go down that route while you get ur head sorted.

As for always being the helper…ditto. Does make me cross how people are always ready to take but I agree with one of the other posts, that because people can’t actually see there is a problem so then everything must be fine…never mind the fact you are dead on your feet and just wanna sleep standing up!!!

Let us know how you went with the nurse. Keep your chin up. We are all here for you xxx

Hi everyone, Thanks for all the comments. It went ok - step 1 is complete. Pleased about that. It was a hell of a lot of information to take in - I can’t believe they only show you once and then away you go on your own. We shall see how much I remember tomorrow! I’ve calmed down a lot now; I know stressing is not going to help me at all. Just a whole new world isn’t it! Very much appreciate the support guys :slight_smile: xxx

Hi again Shulla

So glad the first one went okay. You’ll be surprised how well you will cope with the injections, you sound like a strong person. I did my first one at the hospital which is a 2 hour journey away so no chance of popping back if I got in a muddle with the next one! I, too, was surprised that you only get support for the first one but I coped and I think you will too.

I was always the strong one too. The person my closest sister turned to whenever her relationships ended, the one who helped out whenever someone else was ill, the sympathetic ear for anyone in trouble. Then one sister cut the whole family off completely with no apparent reason, didn’t even get in touch when I was in hospital twice, the other sister used to phone when I was first ill but hung up if I said I was struggling to keep up with housework/cooking whatever. When mum died neither of them even turned up to the funeral so I gave up trying to keep in touch after that . I also found out which colleagues and friends were true friends - I may have a much smaller group of friends these days but at least I know that if I do need anything they will be there for me.

I’m sorry about your relationship ending, was the MS a factor in the break-up? Either way, the right person is out there somewhere. When the dust settles, pick yourself up and get back out there. I’m sure someone will realise how special you are and snap you up!

Good luck for tomorrow’s injection

Tracey x